Slow down. Hold the bottle in the baby’s mouth. Breathe. Me or the baby? Both.

Online yoga teacher says don’t make unnecessary movements. Warrior 1. Chaturanga. Lion’s Breath. 

Maybe don’t write everyday, dad says. Make people ache for it. Absence makes the heart grow fonder 

Sam Harris says MDMA freed his mind. Says meditation, fasting, yoga, breath practice can do the same. Neurochemistry, he says. 

Kate’s going to spend two weeks in Minnesota in January. I’m worried the baby will learn to crawl without me. Nic says it’s a control issue. I’m Type A. And baby is an extension of me. 

Breathe. Don’t make unnecessary movements. 

Are Keep Calm and Carry On t-shirts still trendy? Inhale. Exhalllle. Is Twitter the new stream of consciousness writing platform? Finnegan’s Wake. Joyce. 

Become okay with mediocrity. Manifest being okay with mediocrity. Manifest being okay. 

Nine days since last hair washing. Scalp screaming, itching. Sriracha contains added sugar. The Beatles got fame. Still weren’t happy, my dad says. New Netflix documentary. 

Don’t make unnecessary movements. 

My sister lives in Fargo. It was 36 degrees this morning. My god refreshing. What does the full moon mean?

I made cookies, finally. The last of the Indian teff flour, coconut sugar, butter, oats, chia, lots of chia, vanilla, sex, cacao nibs, dissatisfaction, no cinnamon, no raisins, no sex, eggs, coconut milk. 

Mouse is Kate is my wife is my partner is 33 is a brunette with red hair is a hair stylist is a soccer coach is a mother daughter sister survivor. 

The bug man is going to spray. Bet he’ll come while we’re eating breakfast. 

Everyone is interrupting me. Sacrilege. Sex. Dates are 3.99 a pound. Hey there! I'm just following up with you about your call for word ninja work. I'm passionate about psychedelic research and mental health and would love to hear more about what you've got going. Look forward to hearing back from you!