Waffle House, Lingerie, and Dog Vomit from Demodex

My favorite students wear mood, grit, and Waffle House gravy stains on their sleeves. Don’t hide anything. I don’t have favorites actually. Enjoy the range of headspace. Insanity’s a spectrum disorder, I tell myself. About myself. 

A diamond is colorless crystalline pure carbon. Choice architecture is the reason why ketchup is eye-level and honesty is at ankle-height. Is it enough to repeat these cute sayings? 

I spoke with the oracle again today. Made a podcast about how god is inside you and how sometimes oracles can help you hear your heart beating, I mean god. 

Say it with precision. Use the right word. 

But then again, it’s not trustworthy. A word can’t hold the fullness of the experience. Sex. Too axy and short. No sweat or tongue or lingerie. Lingerie slides around a bit, gets closer. But it’s commercialized, too French. I’ve never seen lingerie in vivo. 

On love. An AI computer wrote: I loved him back, leaving a ragged triangle of bite marks on my hand. Awesome, I think. This book I’m reading called Literally Show Me A Healthy Person says awesome is just a way to stay punk at word meetings. 

love is like a diamond. beautiful, but sharp. 

My students are writing about change. It’s their first year of college. I can smell the Old Spice deodorant, weed and thirst on the pages. Even though my class is paperless. I don’t tell them the bulk of high school relationships die before, during or immediately after Thanksgiving. There are no reliable rules, or laws. The yoga goddess says paradox is everywhere. Looking closely, there's a lie inside every belief. Do you see it?

I need to apologize to Kate for being crabby last night even though the dog did vomit in the kennel and it was late and I was tired and I wasn't wearing my glasses and cleaning vomit off kennel pad with the wrong towel which I thought was the right towel and then I knew it was the wrong towel but I was tired and didn’t want to be told what to do and and I need to apologize for being crabby. I need to apologize now before she is crabby because I was crabby and then I'll be crabby because she's crabby and on and on.