LSD, MDMA, magic mushrooms, cannabis, ayahuasca, peyote, DMT. Bad, very bad. All drugs = bad. The world exists as good or evil. Why are drugs bad? Because they’re bad.

Circular logic isn’t a problem. Drugs are bad. No sex before marriage. No cohabitation before marriage. Why. Because. Maybe God said so. Maybe just because.

Can we talk about why we believe what we believe?

Adults get a real job— work 9-5, pay taxes, deduct health care premiums, buy 2 cars, a house with a 2 car garage, get colonoscopies at 50, squirrel a little away each month for retirement, invest in anything but annuities. And it’s not the case that in ten years, 50% of millennials will be self-employed—that's rubbish. 

I can feel it. A very loud voice in our collective consciousness is telling me stuff that makes no sense. Things like: college is the key to career and career means financial security which is the foundation of a good marriage, right before communication.

The voice says: the college bubble is not bursting, student loan debt is not split seconds short of big bang, and colleges are absolutely teaching skills practical to the rapidly changing job market.

The voice says: a career is a calling you find. When you’re 18, you go to college. And during your first semester, you look around at Political Science, Nursing, Biology, Philosophy, Physics and your passion chooses you. And when you graduate, you find this one job that will satisfy you until you’re 65. One job. That’s a career. Oh, and there’s work and then there’s play; no overlap. Unless it’s Friday and you can wear jeans to work. Or I suppose if you’re sorting through your Fantasy Football team.

The voice says: after college, you find one person who you’ll be with for longer than your job. For the rest of your life, which is 78 years old. If you’re the average American. You’ll have two weeks paid vacation with this soul mate. And a few minutes each morning, a few hours at night, and weekends. Except Sunday, because that’s football. And if problems arise, remember: communication is key. Communication is key.

I’ll stop. This is the intro music to The American Dream, choir of conventional wisdom. Meaning it’s the box that creative minds think outside. Anxiety, shame, hopelessness and depression are amongst the bi-products of me thinking about myself in this box. It’s only when I bracket these cultural notions (and so many others) as period pieces—as rapidly aging artifacts of another age—that I can throw off the probation cuff of this worldview, and see the future as a wide open frontier. And frightening as reality is, at least it’s real.