you know how only like one in 800 people actually pays for Netflix? well it’s like that for me except with this site called Yogianonymous where there’s thousands of yoga classes and all you need is the username and password. i borrow my friend’s password but a few weeks ago she messaged and said she has to renew her subscription but then i forgot about it and kept practicing my low lunge with the spandex lady on my computer and then today when I was logged in this big red banner flashed and said I need to renew my subscription but I’m not renewing the subscription because I’m one of the 800 people who don’t pay for Netflix. anyway I went to YouTube and typed in handstand yoga practice and I did the sixty minute practice with this lady who focused on playful handstand and it was not very much different then the yoga anonymous one that you pay for, in fact it wasn’t very different at all, in fact I think the lady was the same, but I still want to message my friend and tell her to renew her subscription. i think that’s the definition of entitled. is that the definition of entitled?

tattooed ellieroo on the inside slope of my middle finger on my left hand, right next to my ring finger which says kate in kid-like print shakey tattoo font. why don’t i go get a professional tattoo? because I’m cheap but also because handcrafted. 

september’s gone. october leaves fall on the house. cool breathe slips under the door. 

a sociologist writes about rapists: hurt people hurt people. do lonely people write lonely poems? what am i?

gut the butternut squash, sauté garlic, onion, ginger, tumeric, simmer canned coconut milk. normally i add a jar of curry spice from aldi but we don’t have any so i let it simmer and thicken. add chili paste and nutritional yeast. 

maybe silence is the only honesty