I toured a recreational pot store in Colorado as a young buck and then went to a grocery store and smiled at the oranges and apples and green peppers and it was fun. I mean I laughed like I have a never laughed before because I’m not really a smiley person, I’m kind of serious and so smiling was therapeutic. But the baby is better than that because she does it all on her own; she smiles and I smile and I noticed that my smiling muscles are a little weak from lack of use; I notice my lips frown naturally and I have to pull the weight of them upside down. The baby just smiles all the time except if you sneeze or turn the vacuum on, then she gets scared but mostly she smiles and pulls her hands into her mouth or sometimes she turns to the side. She’ll really smile if you hold her by the belly and fly her way up in the air, and zoom her toward an object, especially a dog. She loves the dog. And the cat. And she really loves when the cat swats at the dog. But however it comes she has this big toothless mile and it’s contagious because I’ve smiled more in the last few months than ever before.

Stop. Do you hear that? Everyone is telling us to meditate.

Life is a box of chocolates I can’t eat because I’ve researched chocolate and I know it contains caffeine in it it’s too late in the day for chocolate now so I might not fall sleep at night or at least I think I won’t fall asleep because I know the placebo effect is believing something even if it’s not real and I know that placebos are sometimes stronger than actual science.

I filled another plastic bag with clothes for donation from my closet. If you haven’t worn it in the last six months, the donate. I’m whittling my wardrobe down. Getting closer to optimal. Don’t want duplicates. How many sweatshirts do you need? How many flannels can you wear? I have these two really nice flannels; one that’s red and black and one that’s orange and black And they both look pretty decent but t I feel like I’m drowning in them, so I asked Kate if I should keep them and she said absolutely and so I tried them on again but I still don’t feel right. They’re too nice and too new to just give away and I’ve had them on Facebook marketplace for a while and nobody wants to buy them so I made a special Facebook post with just these two shirts but still nobody messaged me so I took the Facebook post down because it’s embarrassing, what am I doing selling flannels for $14, I mean honestly no decency. I started with the price at 15 and then ashamed of myself but still thinking tactically I thought maybe 15 and lowered it to 14. This morning when I woke up the two flannels were just staring at me on the hangers in the kitchen right next to the table. I’m gonna take them down and put them in the bag and wish whoever wears them well because they got a hell of a deal even though I didn’t pay for them, I got them as a gift.

Even though we syringe 1.5 oz of demodex into his mouth, the dog is still losing chunks hair and kate is worried I told her she needs to give the medicine time to work but she’s still worried.