1. I just want to be liked. Adored. Worshipped? Idk.

2. Fenne Lily is singing. Sweeping me up. Song called Tip to Toe.

3. Vanity Fair calls Fox News a paleo mosh pit.

4. Keep word vomiting. I mean writing.

5. Two fingers down throat. Push.

6. “I’m making money to exit the system.”

7. “No you’re just getting sucked deeper down.”

8. Is the Adidas logo a pot leaf?

9. The dreadlocks are no longer me. People keep saying they are.

10. In the winter of 2007, my girlfriend slammed the door. Said I couldn’t feed her faith.

11. In English 1101, I assigned Literally Show Me A Healthy Person. The whole book’s pulls a trigger warning. 

12. Kate colored Amy’s hair.

13. Shelby said do art for art, man. Not money.

14. My student started a blog. Said we all are approval addicts.

15. I couldn’t help but thinking of myself.

16. Swift Kitchen said he might sell coconut date bars.

17. EatWith is an app like AirBnb and Uber. Host dinner. Get paid.

18. Atheism means god is like santa, like apollo.

19. Ellie makes a laughing face if you hold her up overhead. Sometimes she laughs.

20. I need to go to Aldi for apples.

21. I asked if I could just make a pear pie. No.

22. The oat flour crust is in the fridge. Waiting.

23. J and I say they’ve got marriage down. After eight years.

24. My sister said I should write for Modern Love.

25. The guidelines say stories should have arc, powerful verbs.

26. Page 148 in Vanity Fair: Wild About Harry!

27. I have two tweets.

28. Darcie Wilder has 58k.

29. Take more steps.

30. Getting close to full wheel pose.

31. Breathe. Keep breathing you bastard.

32. While I’m pulling apart his grown-out roots, he says: the AI for PS-4 is wild. Curious, I keep twisting his locks.

33. October is the month my mother died.

34. My father believes in a good place after we die.

35. Pimp the pizza.

36. Goat cheese, Irish cheddar, minced garlic, diced red onion, cilantro, basil.

37. I forget.

38. I can’t remember.

39. My task bar is on the bottom.

40. The artist has his task bar on the side.

41. Toolbar?

42. My mom was a gardener.

43. And a reader.

44. And a fucking hero of a mother.

45. In the Joseph Campbell sense.

46. Sleet never got her. Kept her eyes open Hail, shivering thunder.

47. Zenni optical sells pink glasses this month.

48. Cancer is on-sale.