Kate’s former soccer player Lauren Kamille Childers came to the house to pick up a LOVEEACHOTHER t-shirt. The baby shy-smiled at her. A first.

My sister Caroline Fraase in Fargo is the most calm among us. Called me smashing her forehead against the wall because Home Depot customer service is raging incompetent. Partial kitchen flooring installation, right hand doesn’t talk to the left, uninterested and unresponsive customer service, and on and on.

Originally Kate Kraus couldn’t go to her favorite workout class because I had a 4:15 dreadlocks appointment but then the guy canceled because he was really sick and I texted him to thump his chest like an ape before battle to boost his immune system, stimulate thymus but he said he didn’t even have the energy. I told Kate the dread guy cancelled so you can go to the workout class at 4:30 but at 4:20 the baby was still cheek-sucking mama’s breast and Kate said I can’t take her off while she’s eating.

I played Tori Amos on the Bose speaker on top of the refrigerator. I gave the dog the medicine so his hair doesn’t keep falling off. I thawed lamb for lamb burgers. And took the banana muffins out of their tins and into a Tupperware, lid ajar so no condensation soggy.

I’m working up to a rant.

It appears the South is not skateboard friendly.

Here we go.

Yesterday at 2:12 I called the Kate and told her I wasn’t going to make it back by 2:30 like I said because I got run over by a truck. I told her I was going call the cops. She said are you okay and I said yes. I called the cops and forever later this lady came and she was very nice. She said I’m sorry about your skateboard. She said come down to the station. So I went down to the station. And told her the same story that I did on the street. The cop said come back in two days for the police report. Maybe contact his insurance, she said.

I wouldn’t have called the cops or been angry if the man in the red truck apologized. Said oh shit sorry. But that indignant smirk.

After his Dodge Ram 2500 turned into me, I went to his door and asked what he was doing. He said what did it look like. I said are you serious. He said as a heart attack.

PSA: Take caution near and around GA license plate DP3IWY.

I called my dad the lawyer and he said you probably shouldn’t be skateboarding anyway. I’m very grateful to the good lord that my feet, knees and ankles are intact. I called my sister in Fargo and she said you shouldn’t talk to men with guns. He had a holster on his hip.

I didn’t even think about yesterday being Veteran’s Day. Maybe he was peeved. Marine Corps decals all over the truck. Such an ass. I don’t boil very often.

Anyway. New day. End on a bright note.

Tamsin McVean is a Scottish woman. Writes a FB blog called Tamsin McVean: My Daily Raw Swim. The New York Times featured her frigid daily swims in the choppy water off the western coast of Scotland. A galapagos called the Hebrides. Whhhhoooooo. Comes with photos. Sea slithers like black lava. Fog cloud like smoke. Says her skin gets so frigid feels like fire. Melt into the Other. Quiet mind. Icepick to the brain. Whhhoooooo.

LSD in a jittery mental mood, amidst a hectic crowd? Bad trip. LSD in a calm mind, quiet place? Good trip. Psychedelics function variably. With psychoactive plant medicine, set and setting matter.

But set and setting always matter, acid or no acid. I want more of the sea swimmer set and setting. Lyrical walk from moment to moment. The occasional plunge into Sublime. The icy hand of god around me. I want to FEEL!! Whhooooooooooo.

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