Just slept in an RV park. God bless Airbnb.

Love to cook. Normally. Last night I spooned refried beans out of a can. Squirted packets of Taco Bell hot sauce. The orange ones. Mild, I think. Sipped a Stella Artois. Had a chocolate Builders protein bar for dessert. Light’s out at 7:31.

Turned the portable heater off. Like to sleep in the cold. How else do you know warmth? Unless it's cold all around?

Woke up at 5:15am. No alarm. No dog to walk. Washed my face with cold water. Couldn’t figure out the hot water. YouTubed how to work the RV’s Starbucks Verismo coffee machine. It said Kaffe, actually.

Ohhhhhhh…the pods slide in sideways. 45 degrees inside the trailer. 54 outside. Pleasantly cold, comfortable. There are two TV’s in this small Jayco unit. One by the table. One by the bed. Didn’t use either. Both because there are too many remote controls. Also because habit. Don’t miss what you don’t have.

An hour north of Atlanta, GA. I’m sitting cross-legged on a small pull-out couch. This weekend, and two more weekends, I’m taking a Thai Yoga Bodywork Certification Training in John's Creek, GA (36 CE's). Self selects for a down-to-earth squadron of people looking for ways out of airborne anxiety. Massage manufacturers such good vibes. Yesterday we did feet and legs. What if everyone stopped what they were doing and gave massage? Tsunami of chi? Wooooshhhh.

Today is day 2. Then I drive nine hours to Melbourne, FL. Tomorrow is Game 1 of 2 for the GMC Women’s Soccer Team at Nationals.

A random number messaged me last night. As I was eating my cold refried beans. Said hey man this Nick can I get a ride to Florida. Kate told me he might text. But then said he wouldn’t because his girlfriend Allison, who is team captain, told him he needs to stay and take care of the dogs. But he messaged so apparently it’s sorted out. Or halfway sorted out. Or the dogs might get skinnier. Carpet might be damp with detritus upon return.

Reading the message, I moaned. I’m trying to wear the LOVEEACHOTHER cape well. Live the lie, you know. I groan text message Kate Kraus. Then FaceTime groan Kate. Then consult a map. It adds 50 minutes to my travel time. Meaning we’ll arrive in FL at 2 instead of 1am. We.

I said sure man I’ll pick you up at 7pm.

Even though I generally loathe other people’s presence. Even though I have firm boundaries. Even though I’m a goddamn introvert. I’m trying to be less controlling. More like fungi networks….connected.

Speaking of which. On the drive up to Johns Creek for the training, listened to two phenomenal Joe Rogan podcasts. The first at the recommendation of one of the Georgia College janitors. Super smart lanky guy. He’s studying mycological remediation. Which is when mushrooms are used to eat trash and break down super toxic shit into a molecularly non-toxic structure. Magic, huh?

Check em out. First podcast is Paul Stamets is #1035. Suuuuuch unconventional wisdom. I need a second listen. Then I went straight to Courtney Dauwalter #1037 who won the Moab 200 (misnomer because it’s a 238 mile foot race). Courtney won the race in 58 hours time, which was 10 hours ahead of the second-place finisher. Whhhhaaatt? She’s 32-years-old. A year older than me. Slept for 21 minutes the whole damn race. First nap was twenty. Bad, she said. Back of a van. Couldn’t get comfy. Second nap was one minute. Orgasmic, she said. Full REM. Felt like a night’s sleep. Whhaattttt.

Yeah so I guess I can drive to Florida and stay up till 2am chatting up this guy who is now in my phone as NICK ALISON’S LOVER even though I’m an introvert and my normal bedtime is 7:30. Why not.

I remember this yoga teacher in Minneapolis used to say over and over again. Release all limitations. Release attachment. You are unlimited. You are unbound. It’s just your mind.

Yesterday the Thai Massage teacher Michael Sitzer was saying something similar. His style is very intuitive. Less technical. Less meridians and sen lines. More finding your flow, your juju. Get out of your head, he says. Tap into what you feel. Tap into the receiver. Two energy fields merge.

Water droplet is ocean. It's raining here. Ocean is droplet.

I am woossshhhh.