A brain blur of black till 3am driving. Mind wheel spinning. Here. Cocoa Beach, Florida. 9 hours. Talk, talk, talk. No radio no podcast no CD. Nick said he’s 20. Almost 21.
Shit. Get gas.

Gyro with fries. No interior lights. Feel for the ketchup. Feel for the tziziki. Mmmmmm.

What happens after death? Is body telepathic? Shrooms. Evolutionary psychology. Prefrontal cortex. Conversation slides. I push. Fundamentally change the way you see. I say Joe Rogan podcast 

He says yep.

Smart kid. I underestimate. Kids are so smart.

Bottled water. Another. Palm trees. Mist.

Shit. Cops.

Siri rerouting. Soccer team switched hotels. Shady, they said.
La Quinta to International Palms.

Before. Thai Massage butter body. After. Red-eye wood neck. Go Bulldogs.


Today is Monday feels like. Turn shower handle to cold. Awaken.

How was your trip? Can I have five minutes to write?

Hallucinate sleep deprived. Cancer from pharma and pesticide. Cannabis oil to detox.

Half a tank. Thanks car. Check tire pressure. Continental breakfast. Please have coffee.

You are alive to the extent you. Don’t overcharge iPhone. Buy new rain jacket with REI gift card.