Monday zzzzzjjjjuuum Friday. Blur. Time stampedes.

Yesterday. Two hours in the vet waiting room. A fleck on Ellie’s forehead. Is that a mole? It’s a bug bite, Kate says. I asked the vet if the dog’s mites could come back. Dr. C told me about T-lymphocytes and dog immunity. I lust learning. Need to take a free online biology course.

I wanted to tell Dr. C about mushrooms’ effect on immunity. I️ resisted. Time and place. But also, just coffee and a handful of dates for breakfast at 5am. I was hangry.

My yoga friend is apparently delinquent on her yogianonymous membership. So I YouTubed Yoga With Adrienne. Tried her shakti flow. Quite lovely. Like the steam wisping off a front porch cup of coffee on Thanksgiving morning. She emphasized intuitive movement, breaking out of habit. Ahhh. Stiff neck.

I Instagram-messaged two girls on Kate’s soccer team. Asked if they wanted to do a millennial moment podcast. At first I asked about Tuesday afternoon/evening. 8:30 was suggested. Aye. I hate to be difficult, but that’s past lights out. Even without EllieRoo. So, I counteroffered and Tuesday at 10am was accepted. Our podcast will explore the young millennial angle on college, romance, parents, peer pressure, sex and whatever else comes up. Available in theaters everywhere Wednesday.

John Berryman’s a dead white poet who jumped off a bridge in Minnesota in the frigid wind and snow of January. When he was alive he wrote: “Go in the direction of your fear.” I paraphrase: discuss what’s in closets, under covers, hush hush.

Ommmmmmmm. Then finger taps the pale drum head. Then explanatory conversation:

See the crystals? Lotus leaves. Flowers, actually.

Like the Buddha?



A riptide of warm. Heart beating in feet.

Earlier this week a poetry professor asked how it was going. I’m stiff, I said. Drove 7 hours from Cocoa Beach. She asked if that was by Cape Canaveral. I said yes. Any rockets, she asked? No rockets. Just statues and NASA signs and chain-link fences and boogie boards on clearance and an air force base. No blasting off in Florida.

Some call it the spirit molecule.

If you pay attention you can feel the lava flow inside you. Like a snare roll, you can turn up the heat. Don’t need drugs. Useful. Yoga knocks on the door. Massage too. Houston, prepare for take-off. Like a gargantuan inhale. Ommmmmmmmmmmmmmm.


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