Two days ago, a letter came in the mail. From a literary magazine in Missouri. Asking for money. The opening sentence: “The reason people don’t give to the arts is simply because they haven’t been asked.” Humph. Bah. I paused, put the letter down. I’m Scrooge. 

But today is Thanksgiving. And I find myself in the magazine’s shoes. 

How do you ask for help? In America, the cultural conception of masculinity is independence and stoicism. DIY. Bootstraps. Seeking support is weakness. Grrr. I’ll stop throat clearing and ask. Ahem. If you’ve been nourished by these daily posts, will you help support the future of the Diary?

Why share a dollar of your hard-earned money with me? Let me answer the question with a question. Why do you give to any charity? You believe in what they’re doing. The Alt Dad Diary is a daily blog written by me—a melancholy millennial struggling with what it means to alter the American Dream to fit my inner first-time father song. Each day, I cobble together an examination of the day's happenings. From dumpster-diving to in-law drama, marital mayhem to semi-sobriety, these are my uncensored confessions.

So. If you support my practice of honest expulsion of thoughts and it's feasible for you, please consider supporting me. 

How much? That’s up to you. Even $1/month is HUUUUGGGEE. In the aggregate, I mean. On an individual basis, it’s only 3 cents per day. Paltry. 


It's hard for me to think of any goal higher than making a living doing what I love. It's no small feat. In fact, it’s a reinvention of The American Dream. But it's possible. 

But soon, post AI revolution, I believe it’s going to be the new norm. Where the crowd connects, congeals and self-sustains. You support me. I support you. A circle of back scratching.

Lastly, I want to push palms together and thank the twelve people who already support me on Patreon. You guys are saints, walking the walk. One by one, you’ve reminded me that community is like crowd-surfing: we hold each other up. Thank you Austin Adesso, Stephen and Laura McLaughlin, Brandy Wright, Haley Garrett, Chuck Officer, Laurel Officer, Razi Shadmehry, Martin Lester, Eric Petersen, Ben and Carol Fraase and Carolyn Meyers. 

Alas. If you dig the diary, and want to support me, please visit my Patreon page at

P.S. God speed and breathe into the belly of your hamstrings!