It’s 5:58 AM. Late early. Between. Sky spills over. I moon walk left right left right. My feet don’t make a noise.

Yoga’s texting me. Has this habit of. Swallowing my insanity. Coffee, bread throat butter. Bathroom shadows Kate says didn’t sleep well. Me either. Ether swirl. Flush. Bye.

Day 2 english at military college. Dress code collar. Closet frowns my dress shirts in suit bag. Pursuit. Why don’t I wear the shirts I got for the wedding? Why wear Goodwill 80 cents? What am I waiting for? Next funeral, wedding, job interview.

What does December mean in Latin? What did ancient people call this month? Call dawn? Call waiting for the next moment in your life? To be happy?

The sky is flooded with inky Jiffy Lube oil. Day night Folgers blend. Internet voices in my head? Christmas schizophrenia?Gas is 224. Left right left right. Next to Golden Pantry. Silver shimmer xmas tree. Pump one is occupied. The Ford expedition.

We go on trips Expedia. Got to Peru for ayahuasca. Rewire mundane into magic? What happens when the ayahuasca runs out? Breath infinite cycle haaaaaa.

These are the important questions, aren’t they? Never news. Are they? Don’t have a TV?

Another plastic tree by City Hall. Garland pillars.

Local T-shirts are ready today.

Yoga with Paige.

Button denim shirt. 7:37am.

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