is winter a spiritual season? long dark night. soul deep under. errrrr.

i’m taking a break from coffee. jitters lately. nerves bubble. and yes addiction. a guy at the gym said wake up with water, apple cider vinegar, agave nectar, raspberries. 

rear view mirror. are my posts positive? if my posts aren’t positive, how can i be positive? 

guy at the gym came 15 min late to my yoga class. i was like wtf. 

afterwards, i said whats up. he said he’s an artist. every day for the last year, wore only blue. studies in mood. said you are what you wear. woahhhhhh, i said.

self salvation. sit down. extend legs. reach arms up. fold forward. cocoon. hibernate. den. paschimottanasana. turn the breath knob up. very loud. silence noise. 


short term goals. 12 days of sex. once every day. 

considering a year of one color. focus. reinvent. 

blue. a relaxing color. lowers blood pressure, calms, gives a sense of security, and suppresses appetite.

maybe blue. maybe green. green is the easiest color on the eyes. nature. green soothes pain and is associated with optimism. happy, clean, fresh.

instagram lady says sometimes when things are falling apart, they’re actually falling into place.