ok honestly i designed and printed the local t-shirts solely because i wanted to make a buck. i was like what’s catchy? i got together with this rogue mixed materials artist and we finagled photoshop and manufactured these magic manic designs that we chin pumped to but really it’s super likely that everybody else would do a double eyebrow raise. so i was like hey man let’s just do something simple like georgia strong and then he did the double eyebrow raise and was like nah man that’s gross. so we parted ways and he pursued abstract apoxy towers and trump facial distortions pop art and i thought about how to sell shirts and scrapped georgia strong in favor of local. who doesn’t love local? but like i said, i was just trying to make a fucking buck. 

and the reason i’m so capitalist craven is because kate and i make a collective twenty g’s and i owe double that in student loan debt and the baby clothes are outgrown so fast you see. 

i mean the shirts have local written on the front and the business logos on the back, so it’s decent promo for the local gold, but my heart wasn’t in it, you know? and in the end all that matters is whether your hearts in it….

this weekend this forest school preschool family comes to visit and the mom asks me really you shop at walmart? i thought you’d boycott walmart? they plunder local business. pillage mom and pop. and she’s right. but im such a cheapass i have a hard time when kate buys muffins from this local dude at the saturday market who makes bread even though he’s our friend because i can also make bread and make it for a fraction of the cost, and i ask kate why do we go to the farmers market at all when we can get organic at aldi for like half the cost. and she says to support the local farmers. the forest school lady says that locally grown is also both better for you and better tasting. but what about the bread man? his flour isn’t local. he’s just hustling. why should we support him? 

the standard numero uno argument is that supporting local businesses keeps money circulating in the local community. whereas walmart money goes off to cancun-dwelling billionaires. this is something to chew on. do we value local parks, playgrounds, art movements, singers, songwriters, yoga studios, farmers markets, bread makers?

i started thinking about this. and then before the 5pm restorative class, the owner of the yoga studio said he sat in on the farmers market board meeting. and he was like damn yoga and the farmers market are in the same sinking middle georgia boat. like four people are supporting each. and the yoga owner spieled about how both are hubs, places to plug in, but people don’t realize that. he talked about unappreciated community centers of like minded people yada yada. he even told me about this seinfeld stand up when the seinfeld dude is talking about how everybody wants to eat but when the check comes everybody looks the other way and even then i was like meh….

but then yesterday i started thinking about the alt dad diary. and when you’re own interest is on the table, then suddenly ears perk up. (which is why i think education should be experiential. once your skin is in the game, you give a damn and aren’t coma crumbled asleep on the desk). i was dog walking through the woods in the afternoon crunching sun dried leaves thinking about how the fuck i can convince people not only that the alt dad diary is dope, but that it’s worth supporting. it’s a dinosaur of a question. 

one argument is that supporting local stuff prevents the walmartification of the world—this global flattening of the little man. what kind of world do you want to live in? but this argument isn’t very satisfying for me, or compelling. it’s so vague. even if it puts out local widget maker, how can you convince millennials that amazon prime is bad? stuff gets delivered to your door in 2 days! moreover, amazon prime isn’t really my competitor. the entire world wide web of free content is the beast i’m fighting. so, here’s what i’ve thought up. the reason to support the local little guy isn’t economic integration or community development or global equality. 


Of course there’s 99 other reasons that I should nail to the door of the church in town next to the Golden Pantry. The two other reasons I really like, aside from the spiritual zen do unto others, are that: 

  1. we’re moving toward a world where Big Corp jobs are all going to China or Siri. Which means we’ll be baking zucchini muffins trying to sell them door to door like girl scout cookies. And it’s not just the inevitable tide of automation. It’s because millennials are increasingly recognizing how short life is, and how valuable time is, and how we both don’t need to and don’t want to work slave all day pushing papers to scrape out a yearly trip to Disney Land and a two-car garage to store our stress and carb-counting diet plans. We can live outdoor muscle moving integrated animalistic planet friendly organic whole wheat lives that celebrate our wild passions! Take a step in the direction of your dreams! Do it do it do it do it. Fuck New Years do it now. 
  2. and….modern storytellers are the descendants of an immense ancient community of holy people, traveling poets, bums, hags, crazy people. these “artists” or “writers” are modern day PROPHETS. 

And lastly, there’s this cheesy new age inspirational shit popping up on everybody’s instagram that’s like: peace comes from within, do not seek it without. attributed to buddha, naturally. which is something i try to keep in mind, even though i hate it. the other thing i try to keep in mind comes from inspirational speaker Gary Vaynercuk who i love because of his edgy content and hate because of his arrogance. He says if you’re nose is in the dirt then that’s the process and love the smell of dirt, because that’s the hard work and sweat and suffering it takes to make and nothing comes easy so get real comfortable being uncomfortable. 

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