foot against oven.

mom working. 

alabama shakes. 

cinnamon chamomile tea. resisted white wine in frig. 


350 degrees. quiche. chard, kale, pea tendrils, micro green. 

a dozen eggs. 

pepper jack cheese, too. 

i didn't buy Aldi organic ground beef $5.29. no no no. left brain screams vegetarian murder. 

mmmmm meat though. 

peace harmony nonviolence unity



ssshhhhh shhhhh. 

the baby asleep. my chest her bed. shoulder pillow. drooling. 

70 degrees in george ah. 

bright shiny orange shorts pockets from walmart. $3. got me. 

met girl named maegan at coffeeshop this morning. focus on instagram, she said. 

organic fotos. 

iPhone 7, said sister-in-law. 


me. menthol rub kinked neck.

not me. post-pregnancy sex pain. 


fb message from friend about libido difference bt him and his lover. 

yeahhhhhhhh, i say. 

so many people believe in me. i’m next in line. 

my platform is. sex drugs and rock and roll, in that order. 

sex is interesting. because 2017 is about liberation, but sex needs two to tango. 

trying to please someone else, and yourself. 

millennials all about aligning with themselves. 


messaged Yoga With Adriene. asked if i could write her biography. 

telling your story= the hardest thing, but most beautiful. 

mama’s home. 



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