Reporting LIVE from EVERYBODYSSICK. Mine was a 24-hour bug. Headache, chills, temp swings for 12 hours. Violent stomach cramps for 12 hours. Then done.

All the Christmas festivities take a toll. Even on mama bear. This morning Kate woke up with a headache. The baby remains unaffected. Maybe her poops are a little more vibrant shade of orange. Perhaps a little chunkier.

I’ve consumed so much carbonated water recently, last night the glass of plain tap water felt refreshing, quenching. I want to drink more tap water, provided its properly filtered of heavy metals.

This morning I wanted to write about #METOO and how men see women as other, as separate, as objects. And how this is the major cause of rape, sexual assault and harassment, lewd comments, porn. And I think it unfair/uninteresting to pontificate and theorize. So I wanted to write about my own experiences—how I view women. But what a door to open. Need more time.

Last night I was listening to The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast podcast #901 interview with Dr. Rhonda Patrick. And I was learning all these interesting things. Like a very recent Norwegian study which established that acetaminophen (Tylenol) taken by pregnant women increases the risk of ADHD by 2x. Or this fitness factoid: after we turn 25, we lose 1% of our V02 max every year. Weekly bouts of high intensity interval training (like a spin class) reverses this loss. So I’m uploading all this info to my operating system and I pause the podcast to share with Kate and her friend. And Kate’s friend is like wow that’s interesting, have you seen pictures of Joe lately? And I said yeah he’s jacked and tatted up. And she said yeah, I mean he was like that before. I said what do you mean then. She said he looks aged, and drugged out, like he’s been through the ringer. And I was like no I only listen to his podcasts. She said yeah watch his stand ups, he’s just huge and sweating and gross. And later, I was like huh, frowning in disapproval at Joe, he looks like he’s been through the ringer? That’s when the thought light bulb flickered on. Is this the hero’s journey? As soon as you rise up, people are stacking the deck for your failure? Maybe he does like ghastly I don’t know. It’s an interesting commentary on how looks play such an important perceptory role.

Onto more important matters. Delta has a $150 ticket change fee. Waived in event of death, hospitalization, and/or court subpoena. A few weeks ago, I changed my ticket to leave MN a week early. Anticipated overdose on family time. Now I’m like damn me I’m going to die missing the baby. Asked Kate if I could call Delta and she said absolutely not. The dog is at home, she said. And needs me.

So I’ll be two weeks of daddy dog time. Sans mama and baby. Thank god for FaceTime.

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