I'm driving to yoga. It's 6:49 AM. There’s a red light at Jefferson. In September 1945, Ho Chi Minh quoted Jefferson. Rallying the Vietnamese. Oust the French colonialists. Said all men are created equal. Said they have the inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I'm addicted to knowledge.

Gas is $2.69 a gallon at Chevron. The light turned green. On the corner, the catholic church is asleep. Stained glass windows dark.

The yellow line stands out against the black pavement. So do the little fluorescent flashcards dotting the solid yellow lines. Glitter-shimmering before dawn. The reflective squares are helpful. We all need a guide. Is honesty the same as love?

Last night at dinner, my sister said we need to spend less time on our phones. We need breaks, she said. Take a run without it. Take a walk and leave it at home. She said stimulation breaks deepen focus, strengthen attention.

I disagreed. Because I'm guilty. I run two miles every morning while listening to a podcast. This early am multitasking allows me to expand my knowledge in ways I wouldn't otherwise have time for. And I'm addicted.

Again she emphasized the cognitive importance of boredom. Ironically, she cited a podcast she’d been listening to. Which made the case that boredom breeds brilliance. Why? Because boredom allows the mind time and space to think deeply. Humph.

There's cucumber slice chance I may be late to yoga class. But only a cucumber. Because even when I leave late I still arrive early. My punctuality dials are so obsessively calibrated, I’ll never be late.

I just passed the railroad tracks. The guy helping me build the website for The Alt Dad Diary lives here. He says he supports the project. Says the writing is good. Sobering. Said he wouldn't say that if he didn’t mean it. I think about all the times I lie. Every day, right through my teeth. With straight eyes and smiling lips. If I told the truth, I would ruin people. I would ruin me.

There’s another church on the right. Baptist this time. It says something cute on the billboard but I missed it. Maybe if I wasn't talking into my phone I would've seen it. Maybe my sister’s right.

I want to take the railroad-track-website-helper out to dinner. Thank him. He said he’s happy to help. I said I could pay him in massage time. He said it’s not about the money. Is dinner sufficient? A beer or two, a gyro at Metropolis? Maybe we’ll splurge. Get fries. Fries are on the Whole30 list of things you can eat. Just potatoes and olive oil.

i'm at the college now. Just passed under the archway. The campus is herculean. A hundred years ago people would say it looks like Louis XVI’s Palace of Versailles. When I was in Paris, I wanted to go. See the Hall of Mirrors. But then I found out the train tickets were like 28 euros. And I said never mind Versailles.

At 7am I teach yoga. Two weeks later, $20 gets automatically deposited into my BB&T account. Sometimes five people come, sometimes ten. Some wear socks. Some drop to their knees in plank pose.

It's a Tuesday morning at 6:54 AM. I set the clock in the car three minutes fast so I'm probably still early. The parking lot is full of white pick-up trucks. I want a truck. Just not white.

I sip the coffee. The radio says 2.5 million people are in need of aid in Mexico. Says the death toll following last week’s 8.1-magnitude earthquake climbed to 98.

Good morning everybody. This is 7am sunrise yoga. My name is Ryan.