4:45pm flight back to Atlanta. Liftoff. 10,000 frozen lakes. Lunar.

Baby behind. Mama behind. Erg.

12 days and counting. Busy busy busy until then. Maybe write a book. Maybe record an album. Churn.

Burn. Steel. Focus.

When the flight attendant said safety spiel. Your flotation devices are either under or between your seats. It struck me as a metaphor. Didn’t understand.

Ten minutes later, the horizon was a red line. A hundred shades of pink, orange, yellow. Then black. The window seat girl took a photo. But you can’t capture that.

When the cart came by, I said coffee with cream, please. The man next to me said Coke. The window girl taking futile photos said coffee black.

At cruising altitude the sound of flying is so loud, I hummed hip hop to myself. My own jams. A song a day for 12 days.

Approaching Atlanta. Man flying into cities at night. Lights like crystals. I said to myself please fucking land safely.

On the drive back, Joe Rogan podcast. Second guest in a week dealing with saturated fat. In 1961, the FDA and Federal Government declared a War on Saturated Fat and Cholesterol. Said they cause heart disease. In the last few years, scientists have published papers proving them wrong. Saying the opposite. The prevent and lower heart disease. But no one is talking about it. The whole system is invested. Universities, government agencies, swaths of scientists. Nutrition is like a religion. Apparently Atkins was right. He had hundreds of thousands of patient records with positive results. Just no clinical trial. So he was smeared. I’m so interested in this. I’ve been doing the wrong thing. I’ve been duped.

Lots to do today. Aldi, unpack, dog to woods, school prep, job apps, hip hop, catch up, settle down.

Are Bose headphones overpriced? Price reflective of advertising not quality?

Today is Tuesday. Social media fasting day.

A note when doing handstand push-ups. Like regular PU’s, elbows should not bend to the sides.

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