With Mouse and Peanut still in the MN tundra, I’ve been indulging in podcast after podcast. Update the operating system. Tearing out old wires. Paving new highways.

Other stuff too: YouTubing Hindu squats. Lap swimming. Writing hip hop. More podcasts.

The knowledge highlight from yesterday? This is a triple salchow to the American Dream.

Fact #1: 40 percent of Americans are obese.

Fact #2: 1/3 of Americans have Type 2 diabetes or prediabetes. (Prediabetes can develop into full diabetes in just 5 years. And, in 88% of cases, is an unknown condition.)

Fact #3: Expected lifespan for Americans is now DECREASING. This is a first in recorded American history. That is, EllioRoo and her generation are predicted to live shorter lives than me and Kate. This decline is a result of fact one and fact two, along with a host of other chronic illnesses.

What?!!!! I mean Jesus. Lifespan decreasing?! Christ have mercy. Admittedly, the tragedy of Americana kind of puts some wind in my sails. Like yea boy you’re on the right track with alt-this and alt-that.

The above facts are courtesy of Chris Kresser and his new book, “Unconventional Medicine.” And Joe Rogan, for having him on the show and bringing the info to my iPhone in a convenient, digestible way as I went walking over the river and through the woods with the dog, earbuds in. Which I realize is grossly robotic, and missing the nature soundscape, but hey.

Speaking of digestible, for the past few days, I’ve been fasting for 14 hours and therefore restricting eating to a 10-hour window. This isn’t that Spartan. I eat last at 8pm, and then have breakfast at 10am. The intermittent fasting is part of manic interest in nutrition. I’ve also been intrigued/mindblown by the ketogenic diet, which (from my understanding) is essentially a high fat, low carb diet. While I haven’t been eating until 10am, I do have 5am coffee fortified with whole milk. Many Paleo members object to milk, especially cow’s milk. Not only because cow’s milk wasn’t available during the paleolithic era, but our bodies seem unequipped to handle milk digestion. For example, our pancreas produces lactase (the digestive enzyme breaking down lactose) only until two years old—the time breastfeeding usually ends. I didn’t know this when I was at Aldi the other day, adjudicating between the additives and stabilizers in almond milk and the dirt I’d heard on cow’s milk. I won’t be buying cow’s milk again. Maybe goat?

Nice little science lecture… But you are what you eat, right?

Breakfast at 9:50am. Couldn’t wait til 10. Banana pancakes with oat flour. Gilded with 3 sunny-side up fried eggs. Some stomach rumbling and bowel movement after the milk coffee. Not bad though.

Afternoon. Chicken sausage for snack. Flax tortilla with almond butter.

Dinner. Split chickpea lentils. Sautéed kale. Garlic. Grass-fed ground beef. The lentils took sooo long.

Still hungry so I went for another tortilla with almond butter. Mmmmm.

This morning’s breakfast? Pumpkin pie, no added sugar. Oat flour crust. Oh god yeah. Preheating the oven now.

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