This artist guy I know named Bradley who wore only blue for a year is probably right and the crazy shit he’s saying is really what Jesus said and what the black lady who they call the Oracle in The Matrix said and it’s probably exactly what I need to hear, which is why I don’t want to hear it, and I bet it’s what a lot of us need to hear, which is so difficult to believe, because we’ve been programmed on disbelief and fed limitations, and the thing my friend Bradley the artist in blue said is that we can lift the car and when I asked him why he thinks so he asked me why not? 

Why did we create a language in which the word failure exists? Who first uttered that f-word? What was the day and time? What were the circumstances that gave birth to self-limiting beliefs? Bradley says failure is an illusion because it’s a concept which means it’s abstract and not real. Was Jesus walking on water an act of performance protest art?

Bradley says he’s a prophet and he says he’s trying to tell me secrets and he says one secret is that we’re interconnected and then he says another secret is that if you believe in yourself and then try, then you’ll bring your belief to life and when I say I don’t know about that man he looks at me with a bead of acai berry sludge dripping down his straw and says you start a sentence by beginning with one word and the one word begins with a letter and the letter begins with uncapping the pen and that starts by picking the pen off the table. 

The acai berry smoothie cost eleven dollars from Smoothie King and after he paid with a red credit card we walked west and I said let’s turn left and he said stop turning left, start turning right sometimes man and I rolled my eyes inside because I was like man whatever and he said you define your reality and you’re always leaning one direction which means you’re missing out. So we turned right for a while and I asked him if mushrooms or weed told him this and he said no one day he just stood still in the wind and listened and fell silent to the screaming gaya and the wind told him in a million little ways that failure exists if and only you allow it to exist and i said woah that’s trippy and he said no that’s real. 

Bradley kept saying I’m just telling you what you need to hear and I feel like he’s right and I’ve been feeling this a lot lately that the people I’m bumping into and the conversations I’m having are all the conversations I’m meant to have and the things I’m meant to hear and digest and integrate and that it’s all part of this syngeristic cosmic intelligence but part me also thinks that is total new age hippie nonsense. 

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