Another week begins. How am I going to better myself for this 7-day stretch of Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday? It’s a question that tends to slip away when the alarm bleeps. When eyelids open, obligation and habit eat blockchain after blockchain of time. Then we sleep, repeat. Sleep repeat. Or speaking for myself, this is the cycle I fall into. I’m a Type A creature-of-habit. I’m ruled by a sky blue planner filled with hour by hour direction and a long daily to-do list. 

This weekend’s Thai massage training (like my yoga teacher training 6 years ago), rips a hole in the fabric GOGOGO. Giving good Thai massage, my teacher says, is like making good Thai curry. It takes positive intention, time, technique, and a rhythmic rock. How much conscientiously cultivated positive intention do I bring to each waking moment? How much slow presence? How attentive am I to the details of body language, eye contact, non-verbal energy? And am I lighthearted about this inevitably faltering dance between presence and Facebook distraction? 

All good questions for Monday morning. 

The singing bowl, when struck or played, immediately Zen zapped my mind. I was mid-conversation with someone, lip smacking about something stereotypically yogiesque like a fruitarian diet or unschooling or polyamory—and the singing bowl reverberated a vibrational ripple outward, with the subtle force of a meteor impact. Attention is a mountain that can be moved in minute ways. 

The yoga wheel is a wheel-shaped yoga accessor designed primarily to assist with back bends. But ahhhhhhhh Christ as sweet as organic Honey Crisp apples! Yes that simple $25 plastic wheel lined with rubber opens the hell out of your back. It’s also hot n’ ready DIY shoulder massage. So good. So simple. 

I think I’m going to invest in both singing bowl and yoga wheel. 

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