I’m just the brick wall. 

I’m just the brick wall stuck in the artist’s teeth 

I’m just the fact that some days there’s nothing to say or mortar brain feels like this. 

I’m just sipping coffee. 

I’m just on the road. 

I’m just god damn cow’s milk is creamy and thick even though I should switch to goat.

I’m just in the front seat driving. 

I’m just rapping about eggs. 

I’m just gulping the coffee is so so so good and I asked for my mug half full and that’s proving to be a mistake. 

I’m just admiring everything on Instagram. This one girl drew a picture of two nude girls and wrote: Ambition and her sister Audacity. The punch line I guess being they both look the same. 

I’m just thinking about the brick wall in my teeth. 

I’m just thinking how it’s a mixed metaphor. Which is against the rules in writing school. 

I’m just thinking I need to remember to text Martin about the Time Restricted Eating podcast.

I’m just thinking I need to remember to look up prescription goggles. 

I’m just.  

I’m just so empty from fasting, like a salt shaker that shakes nothing but the sound of fist friction against air. 

I’m just dada dada dada dada dada dada dada says the baby. 

I’m just yes Ellie rump how are you.

I’m just dada even though she doesn’t know it’s just the easiest sound.

I’m just doing the same thing with this writing painting tongue to keys and what sticks sticks.