It’s raining feral cats. The dog is scared of the vacuum. Mexican food for lunch—refried beans and chips and salsa verde and shredded lettuce and queso. I asked Kate which country she thinks has the healthiest national food. Probably Asia, she said. I wonder. I asked her if she thought eating out correlates with weight gain. She said it’s a good question. I said probably not for me, because I order the cheapest thing. She said good point. I’m so fascinated by health and nutrition lately.

I listened to Jeremy Messersmith last night and it made me feel calm, like the feeling you get 42 minutes into a yoga class when you’re warm and limber and you do a seated forward fold and your forehead almost touches your knees.

The baby had cauliflower quiche with lots of kale for breakfast. She’s crawling like it’s going out of style.

My thoughts are wet and slippery, like puddles draining into one another.

Guess what.

Bill Wilson founded AA after taking LSD.

Funny huh?

How he never thought to put that in the Big Book of Sobriety Stuff.

It’s true.

Of course it’s true.


I read that yesterday.


Today I learned how to make rice milk.

Put cooked rice in the Vitamix with water and gradually turn up the speed from 1-10.

Bam.Rice milk.


I also learned how to make fermented rice milk. Put in the oven with sugar and wait.

Bam. Fermented rice milk.


It's raining love and babies and I love my wife and daughter dearly.


The man at yoga said the floor is buckling because concrete sweats. He said concrete is not waterproof. Which means wooden flooring shouldn’t go directly on concrete.


It’s raining please Kate don’t go to TJ Maxx. Nothing good comes from TJ Maxx. Lol. But srsly.