Everything happens for a reason until you think too much about it. The light at Jefferson Street just turned green. Why because once you start thinking about it the bliss of “everything happens for reason” sours into a rancid list of actual reasons instead of a fluffy and amorphous theoretical reason with a capital R. Because once you think too much about it the intellect takes the ignorance out of the equation and as the saying goes: ignorance is bliss.

My skin is sticky and tight from the chlorine.

The 2nd cup of coffee is almost as good as the first. Diminishing marginal returns.

No Farmers Market this morning. But the guy on the corner selling produce he bought from the grocery store is still there. Smart man.

Kate and I signed up for a half marathon in June. I need to buy minimalist shoes. All I have is Crocs and dress shoes and Adidas Sambas.

Getting rejected from a job after the second interview is like cutting your scrotum while shaving your pubes. It is called scrotum right? Yes Google agrees. A pouch of skin containing the testicles. The rejection is like the cut because you stop and stare at yourself in a place thats private and that you don’t let anyone else see and you wonder what the hell you’re doing and you wince and pause and the pause lets you take stock of your life and your station and your character and your goals and your ambitions and the way you must sound when you speak on the phone and your resume and your silly last name.

The chlorine can’t be good.

I listened to a podcast this morning on how bone broth is such a good source of collagen and how canola oil is horrendous. After, I opened the cupboard above the stove and looked at the bottle of canola oil and it said Organic Cold Pressed Canola Oil, which is different than the Canola Oil they talked about in the podcast, because that canola oil was produced and refined using a chemical solvent known as hexane, which apparently is as toxic as it sounds. But now I need to research cold-pressed. Is it still bad?

Never mind it doesn’t matter the expiration date is November 2017.