What’s the upper limit you can spend on a pair of running shoes? I mean and still keep your status as a cheap ass? Should I spend $100 and Nike free myself from the cheap ass status that I’ve thus far endorsed? I just went to Hibbett Sports today and tried on the Nike Frees Flyknit, which felt fast and fly, like I could crank out another 6 miler. This morning’s Bertram rolling hill 6-miler felt slow and somber. 

Update. I just got a new pair on eBay for $34.99 with $15 shipping. 

The word today is Zach Bush. Under dome white Sony headphones bought 8 years ago, I listened to his conversation with Rich Rolls on today’s run (check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jWgnkgYtqnw). 

The basic argument is how, in the past 50 years, farm chemicals (Monsanto) have destroyed our immune systems and gut biomes—which, I learned, are essentially the same thing. I’m going to listen to this podcast again this week, with a pen handy. It’s not only an argument for eating organic and non-GMO, but for doing what we already feel and know and sense—slowing the fuck down and getting out in NatureA. Zach does an A+ job of distilling complex science and research into digestible bite size pieces, without losing the science of his argument. This podcast, along with Rhonda Patrick’s conversations with Joe Rogan, have me Googling “how to get a biology degree for free” and “organic farming jobs Minnesota” and “herbalist apprenticeship.” 

Run. Eat. 

Need a third verb and we’ll have a slogan. 

Since I’m sniffing the subject of science, I ordered THE book on vaccines that everybody recommends: The Vaccine Book by Dr. Sears. The folks who’ve said they’re into it—did y’all actually read it? In the fine print, Dr. Sears cites the harmful substances in each of the 12 vaccines covered and says basically “because these toxic chemicals occur in such small amounts, they’re probably safe.” And then there’s an asterisk, which says see the back of the book. And in the back of the book are a list of many many studies that show how these small amounts of toxic chemicals are in fact NOT safe. Then Sears does the fair thing and presents the studies that shows these small amounts of toxic chemicals ARE safe. But, Sears himself dismisses these last pro vaccine studies because they were funded by big pharma and later discredited as systematically bias or flawed. 

Rant, I know. But seriously. 

I guess I’m learning how much I don’t know, and how much I thought I did know, because I didn’t think about it or took for granted that the people who make decisions did think about when I’m learning now that the people in charge did think about it but the values they were using to guide their decisions weren’t mine or your best interest. Which is why 1% of the world population holds 75% of the wealth. 

All these fun facts make me think twice, three times, four times about…everything. Growing a garden, who to work for, the trade off between work and home life, health care, non-organic food, exercise, sitting next to ferns, watching the clouds, the probiotic market, etc. 

Run. Eat. Learn.