The baby has buck teeth. She’s strapped to my chest. We’re walking. I printed my marathon training sheet. I say. Hey Ellie Roo look at the sky blue. You can do anything you set your mind to.

I repeat over again. While we wait for the light to turn green. My little sister wrote a piece about my grandmother waiting to get out of the nursing home.

This is a blur. NPR interview with firmer FBI Director James Comey about his new book. My first thought: this guy sounds slimey and slippery like a liar. I heard DemocracyNow announce Kendrick LeMar won a Pulitzer in Music for his Album DAMN. Then more stuff about Trumps lawyer and a federal judge in NY and yada yada. All a blur. A blur rolled out by a foam roller in excruciating stretches of IT band pain.

Just do your morning run. I did my morning run. 42 minutes. I’m employing Jeff Galloway’s walk break method. Which is stop and walk every 8 minutes.

I open the cupboard and see that the yellow box of Cheerios on the bottom shelf has been opened. I ask Kate about the Cheerios. We’re on a no processed food program. She smirks. I say the baby doesn’t need that shit. She says it’s all whole ingredients. Non GMO, she says. I’m going to Google but I haven’t yet already because.

Research benefits of fish oil. Make thesis longer. Write Alt Dad. Roll out IT band.

My students taught class today and assigned us to write a list of five things about ourselves that we wished were different. This is my list:

More outgoing and smiley

More ripped

More chill about $

More sex drive

Less alcoholic

Why do I rattle the news reel? Because I feel stretched like a rubber band when I hear it through my headphones—even though I need to do more research, read more books to fully fully fully wrap my mind around the who what where when . . . . It’s so massive. Isn’t that a band name? Massive Attack. . .

The baby is playing in the dirt where the grass ends and the dirt under the bushes begins. Her buck teeth are the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.