Apparently you must be a full-time Employee. To park in the Employee parking space at the Wellness Center. It is not sufficient that you teach part time at the College. Or that you teach yoga part time at the Wellness Center. I called and said this makes no sense. We went back and forth.

My sister asked me if I would sell her Coach purse. Kate asked is it real. My sister said she did not know, but if I sell it I can keep half the profit.

Last night Kate and I were walking through the woods and I said Jesus was a sissy for turning the other cheek.

When is enough enough?

Let’s say you’re eating USDA Organic Grass Fed Beef. How do you know if the grass the cow ate is non-GMO?

Kate says I need to be lighter on my feet at night. I stomp, she says.

I feels good to fight, especially when you’re in the right.

People get the wrong idea about Jesus because he says turn the other cheek. But never mind what he said. People say a lot of shit. He freaked out and flipped the tables in the temple, remember.

I ordered minimalist running shoes on Amazon. I’m using my sister-in-law’s Prime. Two pairs of the same shoe. To figure out my size. Merrell Trail Glove 2. I’ll then return using free returns and order from eBay.

I don’t know what we’re having for dinner. Kate got Fage yogurt from Ingles for $3 a container.

The baby is in the bed sleeping. Kate is at a workout class.

I made beet balls today from @lyndsay.martin. Raw beets, chopped cashews, chia seeds, almond butter, dates.

All of the essays to be workshopped for this weeks MFA class are about grief.

Midway through one essay: I worry that I never really can go home.

I open a new note on my phone and write.

I worry that I will never get over my mom dying.

I didn’t it mean for it to go there. I doesn’t always need to go there. But I went there.

It doesn't hurt, but it needs to come out. This, I mean.