Coffee black. Not organic. Spilled in car. Set cup on dash. Hit reverse. Whoops. Add clean car to list. 

Hit Aldi dumpster. Chop onions garlic mushrooms cilantro kale and basil and mix with ground beef. 

Could I kill a cow? Yes. Would I? Yes. Anyone in Minnesota want to take a novice hunting?

I figured out the high pony on the baby. Not difficult. Attempt is 90% of it. 

Baby sleeping now. Kale quiche in oven. 

Ray Cronise, Rhonda Patrick, Peter Attia. Fasting, cold exposure, I’m obsessed.

Med school in Cuba is free. 

I’m reading Sex at Dawn. I highly recommend. Powerful alternative story of our evolutionary biology. In short, we came from communal hunter gatherer close knit tribe where sex was given as freely as the meat from a deer kill.

The leaves are green and getting larger.

Go all in on the farm. 

Kate is working. She said her brain isn’t working right today. I tripped and fell last night while running. Rolled twice. Was like damn Ry no health insurance. 

Are you in love with your life? 

I’m hungry. For quiche and for yes yes yes to that last question. 

I need to research melatonin and figure out dosage and effect and how and why. I want to know how and why. 

Shame exists because we’ve been given bullshit answers to questions we’re too afraid to ask. 

Chairs are the opposite of FitBit. 

It’s important to understand that evolution means adaption and perpetual change, NOT progress. 

My dad for call text comment share, Mary Jo for commenting, this creative writing student in my class for saying you choose how you react to trauma, the song 4 your eyes only, Joe Rogan for turning me on to nutrition at this level .....thank you I’m grateful.

This is becoming notebook more than diary, less structure just oh oh oh.