That’s Bananas! 

Look for it soon on the podcast app—and across social media platforms. A brand spankin new collaborative project. Kate and Ryan Loveeachother are teaming up to put out a power partner podcast. That’s goddamn bananas. The goal is to sometimes highlight marriage real talk, communication break down, child rearing, alternative living, and healthy eating yada blah yada, but will mostly be a buoyant batting at the badmitton birdie. 

In local news, in the mid-40s, wet-nose, frigid fingers, wind whipped, upstate Georgia mountains. Near Blue Ridge. Off Alta Road. I think Alta Road. I don’t know. I was eating hummus and carrots. And then thinking about stopping for goat’s milk for the coffee. And then contemplating McDonalds as a compromise. And then just figured, eh, embrace it. 

An hour after no coffee creamer. An argument on the foggy moss hiking trail. The details are inane and won’t make sense but in the spirit of sharing the split end was a split of opinion on who was right. I said okay we lost Ellie’s hat let’s go back and let’s go back all together. And she says okay we lost Ellie’s hat let’s have you go back a few hundred feet ahead of us and we’ll follow a few hundred feet behind with the dog so he doesn’t find the hat first and chew it or stomp it play it dirty and wet and mud. I said shush he won’t. She said don’t say shush he will. Then we’re in outer space and laser fire is beaming fast and furious between starships. 

Never mind the inane enterprise of adjudicating out who is right. 

After it was sorted out and settled, I was talking about hiking a stretch of the Camino de Santiago this summer. Hopefully we won’t fight like we are now, she said. And I thought thought thought before I spoke because that’s what the upshot has been from the past two days—growing up. my mom said this all the time too. Think before you speak, Ry. So I thought thought thought and it seemed to me that the fight wasn’t really a disagreement or a communication problem or a matter of a couple’s problems. Instead, the fight occurred because of individual failures. 

My shit is simple. I am controlling and want things my way, including and especially how we as a family unit retreat to find the missing hat. So, I hear her alternative strategy for retrieval as an annoyance, but really it’s a great goddamn Teacher trying to show me how panicky controlling I am. Which is a me-problem, me me me which has very little whatsoever to do with her. 

Of course she has her own shit. We all do hmm?

Speaking of, just had the last camp banana. With almond butter. And peanut butter. 

In 3 weeks of Time Restricted Eating, I lost 4 pounds. Unnecessary fluff. Kate skinned too. She’s two pounds away from her pre-pregnancy weight. 

It’s 4:10pm. Zipped inside a plastic bag, the chicken is slick with olive oil. 

Inside the pop-up camper, the heat is on. The mountains outside are wet and windy. Last night, it was 28 degrees. 

The sleeves on my rain jacket are too short. So is the waist. You don’t notice the details in the city. From house to car to coffeeshop to pool to weights to house to car to parking lot. You notice when it’s raining and you’re camping. 

Think think think think. This is what the Dalai Lama says too. He says it’s not about meditation. It’s about thinking and getting to the bottom of the shit that’s going wrong.