—damn. Almost missed a day of posting. Haven’t missed a day yet. Am I falling apart?

When without cream for coffee, Greek yogurt also works. Before risking it, I googled. Multiple affirmative reports. If I were adventure seeking, I would have no-Google dolloped the Grade A: Contains Live Active Cultures right in there. One tablespoon didn’t go very far. I’m going to buy a pint of goat’s milk this week. I’ve been wanting to. For coffee. For mmmm.

We’re in a popup camper in the mountains and I heated water on the propane grill and there’s a hot tub down the road that comes with this Airbnb experience and yesterday it wasn’t working, only heated to 71 degrees, so we texted the guy and today, and this last night he replied that he got it working and this morning we can confirm. Up to 101. Even the baby loved it but not more than I loved it with my Raynaud’ syndrome fingers and feet. During one of yesterday’s nap times, I googled non pharmaceutical/non surgical solutions to chronic constricted veins and people have confirmed success with garlic, butcher’s broom, turmeric, ginseng biloba and fish oil. 

During evening nap time, we were bundled under the soft comforter and the not-soft comforter except I had mine reversed, because we had two separate beds, one on each end of the pop up and Kate said if you put the fuzzy blanket underneath, you’ll be warmer and I said okay and I switched it, but I still had to have my hands near my holy parts to keep the blood circulating. 

I’m working on on stand-up comedy. I don’t know which is harder: being funny or keeping the ends of my fingers from turning white in coldish weather. Dave Chapelle makes it looks so easy. 

Anticipating plans for the day on vacation is my arch nemesis so I’m going to capitalize on this recognition and let my mind be hot tub mush and go with the flow, even if that means going out to eat for the second time in a single weekend—aye heart attack. My sisters don’t like it when people use that expression and I generally agree but when I’m the one using it I’m okay with it. 

Rambling monologue I know and I still don’t have a stand up routine and I had a bunch of good ideas last night while I was falling asleep and waking up but they all fell out in the long car ride so happy day and mmm that sourdough and irish butter is da vine.