Felt faint last night after 3 mile trail run. 8pm. Only 2 hours after eating lettuce spinach orzo egg salad with beet balls sunflower seeds almond butter. Ravenous hungry. But the time restricted eating said no eating until 9am today. Considered considered considered. Cold showered. Ooh sore. 

Ben Greenfield podcast said you don’t need to replenish glycogen after exercise, during the so-called miracle window. The conventional wisdom was always: you have a two hour window after exercise to consume food to maximize recovery. This is true and not true, like most things. But basically, unless you’re at a very very low bodyweight or you’re a bodybuilder whose goal is to maximize size, this isn’t true. And it’s especially not true if you’ve eaten a meal in the last 4-6 hours. Which meant I had no scientific ground to stand on to put a banana and almond butter in my mouth. So I didn’t. 

In a few weeks, the Penske truck will be loaded up with big ass $7 tupperware bins from Walmart and we’ll trek to Minnesota. There are no jobs, currently. It’s funny. I make money and spend nothing. Then, when no money is coming in, I focus on spending. Sharpening. Buy a french press. Less plastic. More coffee soak time. More caffeine. More antioxidants. 

I went to TJ Maxx to look at their french presses in the back corner. There were two. One for $7.99 and one for $12.99. I couldn’t decide. One was 20oz, the other 16oz. One had a bamboo handle, the other BPA free plastic. I’m a research research research guy. I have to google. Then check Amazon. Then eBay. I have to read reviews, and study and think and ruminate and ponder and ask people and send messages and investigate lifetime warranties. I make things more complicated than they need to be. I overthink. I’m not making a value judgment about whether this is good or bad. It just is. 

It’s 9:55am. My class is taking their final exam. We are listening to Sweetness, a nice think album by the group Bonobo. 

This is what I’m thinking. $52. Stanley Classic Vacuum French Press. It has a lifetime warranty on the thing itself, not accessories, but just the thing itself. it’s stainless steel, meaning I shouldn’t be able to break it, and there’s no plastic parts that touch the hot water, meaning toxic hot water cancer will stay out of my body. I’m ruminating. It’s just expensive. But fuck. Invest invest invest. It won’t break and the Amazon reviews are chalk full of complaints about cheap glass and cheap cracking steel. 

Returned TomTom GPS Runner’s watch. They shipped wrong one but also it was cumbersome. So much data. I tripped running because I was looking down, squinting at the damn thing. My friend Trevor says just feel it out. I hear you. 

Lots more today. 

Buy biology textbook. I want to start at the basics. What is mitochondria. What is Krebs’s cycle. What is protein synthesis? What does it mean to down regulate. What about up regulate. 

Visiting my grandparents this weekend. Driving to Outer Banks on Thursday. Then up to Chesapeake Bay. My mom’s parents. And sister. And my cousins. And their kids.  

Applying for substitute teaching jobs in Minnesota. Actually feels humane, the app process I mean. Cousin Eric says you need to actually want the job because the universe knows. So I said to myself okay Ry, actually give a damn when you’re filling in your address and phone number and education history and work history and yada yada. 

My stomach is empty except for coffee and cream which is good enough for now. Lots of things are good enough for now if you think of it that way.