iPhone 6 battery drains so damn fast. What a metaphor for daily energy levels. First world problems yeah yeah don’t care.

“XT” on the calendar means cross training. 30 min yoga, 30 spin, 20 lift, 20 swim. Listened to podcast on qi gong and subtle energy. Years ago, during high school swimming, I swam so many yards my shoulder jointed clacked audibly underwater. From his daily reports, my dad is logging two-a-days in Lake Harriet. Is the bad habit of overtraining genetic?

The qi gong guys name is Robert Peck. I can see the stringy plantar fascial tendon on my fight, right as a guitar string.

The baby and I took a hot Epsom salt bath last night. I think it’s fine to train hard as stone against stone. Pound and grind. But I think I need to rest hard too. Nap. Bathe. Deep stretching sessions. Like 90 minutes. Deep meditation sessions. Channel and concentrate vital energy. 

Kate’s slowing down on Time Restricted Eating. For the past few weeks, she’d fast from 5pm to noon. Or 5pm to 11am. Today I got back from swimming and yoga at 9am and we had breakfast together. Which was nice. Yogurt, cashews, Ezekiel, apples. For her. For me: 3 overeasy eggs with sautéed broccoli. Top with sea salt, black pepper, olive oil, liquid aminos and nutritional yeast. A second course of Greek yogurt. A third of goats milk and sprouted cereal. 

Am I channeling positivity?

In words that match the speed of my 15mph brainwave pace: I’m feeling sad today. Low energy melancholy. Probably many causes. I have had an unproductive cough the last few nights and consequently haven’t been sleeping well. I tried gargling salt water, and honey, and tea, and thumping my chest. I think it’s probably stress, anticipating the move. I also joined a soccer team and I’m a bit rusty on soccer. Not being the best makes me nervous. I also want to join the soccer team Kate and my brother in law to be plays on but he says they don’t need guys. And I’m nervous anxious sad about that. The qi guy would say my energy needs centering. 

My swim felt sluggish. Morning coffee always feels like flicking the lights on. 

The tendon on the bottom of my left foot is popping out. I feel like it’s always been like this, just never hurt throbbed radiates. I’m researching plantar fasciitis and making lists of exercises and techniques and causes. The doctors on YouTube all say orthotics. Hmmmm. I’ll do the stretches and the toe scrunches and the massaging and the lacrosse ball rolls. No orthotics. It’s good to have injuries and ailments, I think. Harvests humility, patience. 

While spinning on the gym resistance cycle at 7:12am, I listened to Ben Greenfield interview Robert Peng about qi gong. Interesting stuff. Draw your energy to your foot, I tell myself. Let your qi swamp there. Let the body heal itself. 

Kate wrote yesterday. First time I haven’t posted in almost a year. Felt good to listen instead of habitual sing song la la la. Felt good for her to enter “my space.” Damn she can write, too. Especially toward the end of the post. The censorship stops and it’s just freestyling. I like that. 

Plantar Fascia therapy: cross fiber friction calf/achilles/plantar fascia, scrunch towel with foot (alternatively try to pick up a pencil between toes and ball mound), walk on tip toes, point toes/flex toes, roll foot on lacrosse ball, foam roll hamstrings and calf. 

Planning the Penske truck route home. My uncle Mike and aunt Sheila are stationed in Palatine IL for some work thing. They’re at the Holiday Inn. Mike says the Motel 6 cross the street is shit. That’s where I want to stay. For $46. And pet friendly. From Google Earth photos, it looks fine. 

I’m hungry. 12:57pm. 

Mmmm. Watermelon, sunflower seeds, pistachios, can of carbonated water with balsamic vinegar.