Being a Mom is awesome. It is easily the best thing I have done in my life and let me tell you I have done a lot of things. It's as fun as traveling Western Europe with my boyfriend. Actually it's more fun than that because we were terrible for each other and fought all the time and that made traveling not so enjoyable, until I'd had enough and got up the courage to travel on my own, then it became fun, but this is more fun even than that. What makes it fun? Well I not only have Ry as my live-in best friend but I have EllieRoo too, and she really loves me. Whenever I come home from being somewhere she crawls right over to greet me and give me a hug. It's not always enjoyable but she loves me so much, she will actively cry if she can't get to me for some reason. It's a kind of love I think you can only feel once you have a child. 


It's also the hardest thing I've ever done. Everything I do revolves around the baby. For example, we are training for a marathon. (Got to have something to train for to stay healthy and loose the baby weight.) I can't get up too early because the baby nurses in the morning before she gets up. I can't run at night because the baby does not do well if I'm not around in the evenings especially after 7pm. So my window of opportunity before it gets ungodly hot is 9-10:30, in between Ellie waking up and taking a morning nap. Today I left the house at 9 to do 10x400 meter sprints with a 400 meter jog in between every sprint. I told myself I would run it in a 1:48 or less pace and I stuck to it. Fastest was 1:38, slowest 1:48. Then I finished it off with 6 sets of stairs (3x hitting every stair, 3x every other) with jump squats, sliders, and jumping lunges in between every set. When I got home Ry was on the phone with the Medicare office and the baby started screaming because she saw me and needed to nurse and take a nap. My shower was so quick that even the few minutes under the freezing cold water didn't stop me from still sweating when I got out and started nursing the baby so she would stop crying and take a nap. Ry left to go teach like he does every week day morning. 


What do I do while the baby is napping? Usually I check my work email. Write emails, reply, schedule appointments with soccer players and what not. Computer work that can't be done when she is awake because 1) it's not good to be on devices while she is awake and 2) she wants everything thing that I have, so if it's my phone she takes it, if it's the computer she pounds on the keys and wants to type too. It makes work impossible. Today I looked further into schools for myself. I'm thinking about going back again. Why? Why not? More education, more money, more job opportunities. Hopefully, right. Jobs are hard to come by in MN. We have both been applying. Me, not as much as Ry, but there haven't been as many that are ones I want or am qualified for. For instance. A D3 college wants you to have a PhD to be the head coach of the Women's team. Come on! A PhD, really? I looked up some other head coaches at other colleges in the area though and what did I find? And yep it's true, several have a PhD. Anyways jobs. My dad thinks we can't find them because of our last name, Loveeachother. He says he doesn't want to get in our business but we might want to think about changing it to McLaughlin, Ry's former last name. I'm not opposed either way. I like Loveeachother. I also like McLaughlin. I never really loved Kraus, it's too harsh, German. I used to always wish we could have my moms maiden name, Danna. It's Italian, or her Mother's maiden name, Hepburn, like Katherine, it's Irish. Anyways, if it's the last name that's the cause of why we're not getting jobs then I guess I say fuck em. I don't really want your job anyways. No seriously, really I do want the job, just call me whatever you want. 


Baby is up. Finally I get to eat, or start to put something together. Time restricted eating isn't hard for me because it's usually 11 by the time I even start to think about eating, then it takes another hour to get the meal put together because EllieRoo needs to eat first and then she want me to pick her up, and then the dog wants to go out, and then the dog wants to come in, and so on and so forth.


Breakfast is a diced up honey crisp apple, 3 prunes, a few cashews and almonds, what little greek yogurt Ry has left me, topped off with sprouted grain Ezekiel granola. Yum. We are supposed to be cutting out yogurt, but the baby loves it so I buy it for her and then Ry can't help himself he eats it all. And well if he can eat it then why can't I? This is my first time in a week, so I've done real good, after all, last week I was eating it every day so once a week is great, right?


Ry's home from teaching. Time to switch out. It's my last week of work at Georgia Military College. I will miss my soccer players. This has been my favorite job I have had in the United States by far. I can only hope I get another one like it. 


Well this was fun. Maybe I'll do it again sometime, if y'all liked it. No promises though.