a/c in car broken. stopped at light. rant.

Just used Apple pay at Aldi. Cashews beef jerky and feta cheese. First time using fingerprint to transfer dollar bills. Fascinating bio-monetary experience. Touch to pay.


Leaving Milledgeville in less than 72 hours. Mixed feelings. But isn’t everything mixed feelings when you really think about it?


It’s hot as fuck outside. I ran a 5K today. 17 minutes and 56 seconds. Which isn’t that fast necessarily put it’s as fast or faster than I was in high school which is interesting. Faster at 31 that at 16. 


I decided to switch between caffeinated coffee and decaf coffee on a week by week or purchase by purchase basis. This way I don’t get the jitters or tolerance. Plus i’s not the caffeine that’s hyper beneficial, it’s the antioxidants. 


My sister and I were talking about the MFA program and what I learned and who I learned it from and if I would do it over again and why. 


We put a lot of things into boxes today. 


The boxes came from the rolling carts behind Dollar General. I don’t know if you’re supposed to take the boxes out of there or if they get money for saving them. 


This is random but everything is random and I have too much ADD which means too much energy to follow single train of thought. Here. Not this year, but the two years before that I walked to school and passed this shitty house and then one day the guy was working on it and I asked him what he was doing and he said fixing it up to rent and I said okay and he said are you interested and I said no. And then he showed me the inside. It looked nice. I said it looks nice. He said do you want to rent. I again said no. And said I had to go. He said good evening. He kept working on the house and it looked nice even on the outside. Then we moved and I never passed that house anymore. But then a few weeks ago Kate comes in from driving somewhere and said she passed the house and it’s gone, and in it’s place is a big stack of student housing with a pool and gate and parking lot. Bulldozed over for luxury living student dorms. What I said. Yeah she said. So the other night I drove to look at it and I was tired and exhausted and low on vital energy and sure enough it was student housing and I slowed and braked and stopped and stared and then turned right and kept on driving and it made me feel deflated inside not really deflated like watching a sad movie about war or something but just a little deflated but also a little happy like finally external destruction in the world matches my inner destruction. Does that sound morbid? Does that sound like I have a mental health issue? What why? It just comes out that way you know what I mean? When you read it on paper it’s like damn. But when it comes out it’s just like what it is and if a shrink asked me if I was happy I’d say yeah I’m pretty fucking happy how are you?


The air-conditioning is blasting it’s still not cool. 


Regular gasoline is 271 nine. Which I guess means to 272. Why do they round up. What bull but I guess life is full of bullshit and you should get used to it. Maybe that doesn’t bother you maybe don’t even pay attention to a gasoline cost. 


I’m thinking about converting Thanksgiving to a fasting day actually converting all of December into a fasting month. Just kicking off the month with Thanksgiving. Makes things easy. No shopping list. No leftovers. No clean up. No food coma. 


Gve me a list of seven ways in which America is right. About anything. 


Make America Great Again implies that there is a period in which America was great in order for it to be great again I’m wondering when this period is so I can research it. 


My sister says my personality type is argue or or questions authority. She says this is why Kate and I bicker because I question everything she says.