Almost there

Day 3. Highlights. Beef shwarma. Free coffee at the holiday inn even though we stayed across the street at motel 6. Met Uncle Mike and Sheila. 

The road trip is a misnomer because it’s more a psychedelic journey between marital partners. Big vehicle in traffic. Stress. What is stress? Outbursts of temper. Lack of patience. Hyper defensiveness.

Psychedelic drugs or medicine offer a window into these parts of ourselves and the window is tinted with UV light called LET GO. Travel enough miles together from $50 2-star hotel to $50 2-star hotel and you begin to unwind unravel let the fuck go.

Have a plan for exiting the parking lot. Only get fuel at the places for semis. One good one is called Loves.

My mind is flattened like the black top and my hamstrings are tight like the space between us and the traffic wizzing by and my eyes are bloodshot because when you stare at the same unmoving thing like the road or a screen you blink three times less than you normally do.

Hello Mother Earth.

We are all related.

I don’t know what I’m saying. Brain fried. Tilapia. Entre $2,99/Ib.

Need Kombucha or sparkling water or beer.