Tub talk


Mind still driving even though body is in ice bath.

Ashwaganda isn’t a mushroom. I thought it was a mushroom.

Should I order Joe Rogan’s Onnit product called Alpha Brain if I’m 99% sure I’m going to say I was dissatisfied so I can keep the product and get my money back? I’m devoid of morals in this we are all a community kind of way.

They say psychedelic mushrooms help with this. I’m willing to bet living in close proximity to extended family garners a similar result: eliminating the strong willed sense of self.

I’m naked in the cold tub.

I’m ready to eat but Kate is doing TimeRestricted Eating until noon. Jesus. She needs to get her priorities straight and eat NOW! I’m just kidding I really dig the time Restricted Eating intensity I just want to eat now.

I think I lost the bag of little bolts that hold our bed frame together. I was in assault work mode last night. Get the boxes out of truck. Heave onto less. Haul into house.

Yes I want a beer! Race day is tomorrow. Half marathon. Stillwater. I’m not racing just using it as a pace run. Going to plan to stay with 8 minute mile pacer.

Didn’t sleep last night. No central A/C. We’re ice sleepers. Habituated to 62 degree nocturnal environment. The window units got there only at 4am. Kate and I both got up at 5am because we were tired of lying in our Arctic sweat.

The bath is for travel leg inflammation.

I need to hydrate. Some people say they need to go to church on Sunday. And I feel the same urge. To empty. I’m going to try coffee enemas. I just have to research how you get the liquid coffee up your butt. Does it involve a hose? I hope not.

I need a reliable source of non pasteurized goats milk. Paul Chek says pasteurized products are enzymatically dead.

Hey you guys should I compile all the Alt Dad entries from the last year and edit them into a nice bouquet of bananas and power chords and cashew butter and put into book or ebook form? Would you like that or is that just a waste of banana power butter?

My legs are cold I know they are hit my mind is so tired I don’t give a damn.

When Kate goes to visit her mom I’m going to take a nap in the bed cave.

I’m learning my way around South Saint Paul. McDonalds line for coffee to long. Indie coffee shop called Black Sheep on the corner is too damn expensive. $2.65 for 8oz? What. I try just argh through my homemade black coffee but I’m weak I need goat milk.

Deep breath in. Deep breath out. Deep breath in.....

I need to find my planner to remember what the fuck I’m supposed to do this week. EBT, healthcare, can’t remember more...jobs!

Is there a dab pen or a kind of dab that’s not super strong? Or is it just immediately to outer space? Is dab like essential oil in that it’s Uber condensed and powerful?

Signing out. Kate and I are coming out with a podcast called That’s Bananas soon. Stay tuned if you like bananas.