Mama @ Mississippi 10 mile

Baby is sleeping in stroller. I’m at McDonalds. A group of old men sit behind me. They say goddamn quite often. One man is telling a story about goddamn geese in the goddamn road and how they don’t belong there. Goddamnit.

Where do I belong?

Looking out the window. A car idles in the drive thru. A dog rests his flabby throat out the car window. Does the dog belong in the car?

Mousie is running a 10 mile race today. I ran a half marathon yesterday. Not racing. Just training. Kate got out of bed early to sneak in 3 before the race. The baby didn’t appreciate the early rise.

Why do I drink hot coffee on a ha ha hot day? Stubborn caffeine addiction? This is the same species of questions as: where do we belong?

The goddamns continue.

I hear: the goddamn dog never stops barking.

Not sleeping well. But better last night Jan the two before. New place. Loud fans.

Need to make a black out curtain out of trash bags.

The cashier lady showed me how to use the self serve touch station at McDonalds. Used Apple Pay. I also learned I take 4 creams with my coffee.

I’m going to buy raw goats milk this week. A gallon for $10. End the McDonalds spending spree. Goddamn it.

I got to the Stillwater Half Marathon early yesterday and parked at Veterans Memorial Park and listened to the rest of the latest Ben Greenfield podcast on essential oils. Very important to store in a cool dark place and not open willy nilly. For increased VO2 max, buy an essential oil inhaler off Amazon. Only a few bucks.

Pre-race nutrition while driving. Two bananas. Almond butter. McDonalds coffee. Peppermint oil sniffs. Two carbonated waters.

I’m obsessed with nutrition and longevity and performance. Apparently almost all synthetic fragrance cause cancer.

Did you know you can ingest essential oil? For example, try this to curb appetite. Liquid stevia. Carbonated water. A drop or two of grapefruit essential oil.

My dad wrote a while ago that my mom is watching me. I listened to a Psychedelic Salon podcast which played a Terrence McKenna lecture. T says that consciousness reduces stimulation. It restricts awareness, limiting it to what’s practically useful.

Do the living remain connected to the dead? Do parents remain connected to their daughter, even when physically separated?

Today is Sunday when most people go to church. If I were to guess I would say to thank god for all the good things. And also just take a moment to be still and feel the presence of something bulkier and larger than their Amazon wishlist.

If you’re a Christian, consider Revelations 22:2. Says the leaves of plants will heal the nation. Apparently Jesus and the disciples were essential oil gurus. For real.

Did Jesus have a steady job? What were his hours? Did he run? What was his marathon time? Did he go barefoot? How often did he have sex?

Need to buy more watermelon.

I had 5 creams this morning. Goats milk this week.

It’s time for a new tattoo. DIY. Thinking inner left bicep. Not sure what.

8:56am. Whew. Sweat through the coffee. Still tastes good. Goddamn.