Potassium while at Cub Foods

I’m partially successful in resisting the urge to feel bad about not having a job. I still scroll Craigslist. I still peruse Indeed and click Apply and fill out all the info even bough I’m like ugh.

Kate and I set up the baby crib this morning. She’s never slept in it before and it makes me feel uncomfortable setting it up now. It’s an odd thing. Like a cage. Bars and isolation.

I said hi to the neighbor lady named Christina yesterday. Actually she said hey. It was 730pm and I had the baby and the radio said severe thunderstorms were coming. We had just taken the dog to pee. Found a standing Weber grill in the alley. Next to the trash. The baby and I were rolling at back and the neighbor lady named Christina asked if I needed help.

Sure, I said.

Episode 1 of Michael Pollan’s documentary “Cooked” is amazing, especially for meat eaters. I want to smoke meat. And watch Episode 2. Apropos that we found the grill.

It’s 10:45 now.

I’ve had coffee with collagen. I ate a red pepper before drinking the coffee because the package says Vitamin C is required for max absorption. I googled Vitamin C foods and the list was like orange, guava, kiwi, grapefruit, kale, red pepper. If we had the fruit, I would have gone with the fruit.

I had a grass fed beef patty, banana and sunflower seeds to wash down the coffee. Odd but mammmm good.

I’m wondering where to take the Alt Dad from here.

While on hold with the State of MN I read a nonfiction piece about sensual gay tongue love by Kelly Quinn and it was violently magnificent. Beer pong college coming of age thrusting forward in the cruel conundrum of who am I?

Kate and the baby are napping. Actually just the baby. Kate is reading her sisters Cosmo and other glossy ad-filled consumer craven magazines. We’ve had a long long long last week Jesus Christ.

Is there a way to go back to school for free? I ordered the size 31 Dickies pants on Amazon Prime using a new email and a free one month trial. I think they should fit. There’s nothing worse than shorts that won’t stay up.

Today’s workout was 5x1000m fast at 5k pace but I was lead legged sort of so I only did 4. Tonight I play 11 v 11 soccer for the first time in years.

I’m glad to be alive. It’s a mixed feeling. Uncrossed-off things on my to do lists. Big ticket items. Like direction in life. Smaller things. Like SSP Library Card and Apply for the KOA grant and consider Fulbright and apply for a Y membership.

Be well.