Cold water swimming in warm lake water

Kate out running. Baby out on my shoulder. Dog out on live seat. Trees in side yard out because road renovation crew said so. Sourdough out on counter. The following books out on couch, freshly checked out from library a block away:

Running Home by Alisha Perkins, The Blue Zones by Dan Buettner, Marathon by Hal Higdon, and Unbearable Splendor by Sun Yung Shin.

Still full from five egg over buttered salmon toast breakfast with heaping healing bowl of Ezekiel sprouted grain cereal.

Bones heavy from 5:29 am sunrise swim in Lake Harriet with old man. I wore the cap this time to retain heat. Less paralyzing. 58 minutes to round all four buoys. Biceps and pecs froze up but I yelled at them and we pushed through.

The Blue Zone book is interesting. Documents the four populations on earth with highest human longevity. I just read the Sardinia, Italy chapter. Family, wine, low stress, goats milk, lots of walking.

I’m spent. But happy. This period of unemployment may be temporary but I’m basking in its rhythm. Jobs tend to add income yes, but also boredom and stress and ugh from obligation. I read a City Pages article last night that ranked the best MN based frozen pizzas, but also, sorry distraction, talked about how we’ve entered the gig economy meaning there are no jobs bitches except the ones you create for yourself. At least if you’re an uncompromising individualist like me, for better or worse right.

They cut down our side yard trees. What if I invented really tall cheap privacy pretty trees out of recycled something or other?

Hemingway said something interesting. Writing is easy. Just bleed on the page. I agree. My body always takes forever to heal minor cuts and bruises. Like I’m destined to blot myself onto paper.

Still unpacking. Need to eat those oyster mushrooms tonight. Double header soccer game. I’m cheating during time Restricted Eating and having tea.

Also goats milk trumps cows milk because more calcium, more vitamin b6, more vitamin a, more potassium and more niacin. Bam!

Love the swim, even though fuck get me out of here it’s cold and after my legs are wobbly and my jaw is locked.

Kind of a metaphor or symbol. Not sure how. Keep training. Harriet 5k this Saturday am. Also, book club anyone?