Exhausted. Skipped exercise this morning. No yoga, running, swimming, or weights. Zzzzzz slept til 7:30am. 

Baby beat me up. Stomped around with legs like lead jelly. This past weekend my grandparents and I had significant conversational bonding over aching joints, soreness, inflammation. Also exercises and diet to hack the ugh ugh ugh syndrome. 

Hill run this afternoon. Even though it’s hot. 

The baby is asleep in the stroller. Kate is in her way back from Bodypump. 11 minutes until I break the fast. I’m planning on coffee first. Then with sautéed beet greens, avocado, red onions, garlic, and eggs over easy. Kate will eat later. She’s doing Time Restricted Eating for 16 hours. Me 15.

I’m looking on indeed, Glassdoor, and Craigslist for jobs. Ugh. It’s all stuff robots and drones could do. And do better. It would be fantastic if all post secondary education were free and all full time jobs became part time positions to allow time for leisure and farming and family and exercise and outdoors time and cooking and napping and reading and doing art and music and making your own podcast. 

I haven’t had alcohol in 3 or 4 weeks. Don’t feel any holier, but perhaps a little lighter in the head. One less thing to think about. I want to research addiction. Is it genetic? What percentage? Michael Pollan has a new book coming out on the 15th about psychedelics. I heard him on Tim Ferriss podcast. Puts forth a unifying theory of psychedelics and the ultimate healing apparatus for mental and physical ailments across a wide spectrum. He argues this includes addictions. We get in a groove he said. A neural groove, or patterned way of coping, and then the ego takes over and pushes for more and more control and then before you know it you’re having Carlo Rossi wine for breakfast. 

What are branch chain amino acids? What does Robert Carhartt Harris say about psychedelics? Is it a sustainable job hack to download the Craigslist app, go to the free section, pick up, then sell? What is the mTor pathway? Are these two podcasts (Tuesday’s With Stories, You Know What Dude) as funny as my cousin Mike asserts? 

The outdoor pool at the college is open and free for faculty and students. And it’s supposed to be 90 something every day this week. Baby swimming lessons? What’s the youngest you can potty train? 

Optimize optimize optimize. If you follow nutrition blogs, or sports/performance podcasts, or happiness hacks books long enough, every dimension of life from sleep to broccoli consumption to cool bed to black out curtains to FitBit steps to olive vs avocado oil …it’s all a science experiment. Which can be good, or is designed to produce good, but I think it’s all assuming the groove stays groovy rather than stuck. I think that’s key: keeping it groovy rather than stuck.