Knock knee

Shouldn’t of played soccer last night. Double header. Scored a goal. But right knee ahh. Socket is eeeeee. Hurts to walk now. I’ll sit out and babysit next game.

Up at 430AM. Just to pee. Had the alarm set for 445. To swim. You know when it’s that early and you’re like should I or shouldn’t I get up? What’s sleeping in worth? What if I stay here and can’t sleep? So I got up, boiled water for coffee, put two chicken sausages on the stove, fried crispy. Squeezed into the Quintana Roo wetsuit and drove to Lake Harriet.

Toenails in the water at 5:40AM. Big breeze caused big wave chop. I thought oi damn. You know the way you second guess yourself. I thought maybe I’ll just to laps near shore. But second guessing must be banished.

Was a good swim. I look good in that wetsuit.

I’m writing this sitting on my tucked toes,trying to loosen up this right knee. Some people mulch. Others buy yoga pants. I’m going to get this right knee better. Roll, stretch, talk lovingly, exercises, lots of movement.

The lake brings out thoughts and thinking that’s a layer deeper. But it’s interesting because the lake also banished thoughts and thinking, swallows them. It’s the size of the lake, I think. The ego body mind realizes that it isn’t the center of the universe. This becomes obvious with the cold and more obvious with the size of the lake and the constant navigation.

I think it’s very much worth the cost of early wake up. Cheap medicine.

Did you know that it’s very likely that every star we see is a planetary system containing at least one planet? Says the last guy on Joe Rogans podcast.

Kate and the baby were gone in Brainerd the last two nights. The dog seems worried. I miss them. But like the me time. They’re coming back today and I’m away the next two nights working a North Face promo event at Afton Alps.

One thing in my mind are the tomatoes in the frig. I need to either roast them for sauce or dice for guac on Sunday when I get back.

I had a summer shandy two nights ago and it ballooned my belly and made me feel bloated and so that’s it for me and beer. It’s a bad training drink and your either training or your not.

What else? Carhartt double knee work pants. I’m debating. The shape is kind of square, no slim fit. DIY tattoo. Word or simple symbol. Read Chop Chop.

Maybe on Monday I’ll attempt two laps around Harriet. I’m resting the knee from running until at least Sunday.

Stretching and yoga until then.