Rain. In the car at Afton Alps. I’m spending the weekend as a brand ambassador or production assistant, both titles apply. 12 hour days. Yesterday we set up tents all day for today’s camping extravaganza.

And today? Rain.

My knee is swollen from soccer. While working and bending yesterday I wondered weather all the movement was therapeutic or detrimental. It’s funny how when you’re a swimmer, and you’re not swimming, you’re thinking about swimming. And when you’re in the water, you’re thinking about the towel and the thermos of coffee and yada yada. New age folks would be like ah it’s the battle to be present. And maybe it’s a battle but I think there are so many damn battles happening here there these days. Yemen. Cholera. The border. Separating kids from moms. Too many battles. So I’m inclined just to say the non present mind is just part of the human thing we call human living.

Mmmm. You can skip eating or deprioritize or fast but not coffee. Coffee is mmmm.

Working all day including now. We’re in a white SUV waiting for God to stop with the rain but honestly I prefer rain to sun.

Tally ho.