Working grunt North Face camping event inspired me. To new heights. Maybe I should practice law? Immigrants are getting fucked and fractured everywhere. And while I haven’t paid bar dues, I did once upon a time pass the bar.

I haven’t seen EllieRoo in three days and saw her last night before bed and eoahhh YOURE SO BIG! She’s growing up so fast. Which is what everyone says. About kids generally.

Immigration law. Actually helping people. I’m not into a law office. Because ugh set hours and lifestyle restrictions and people politics. But DIY? Is it possible? I’m looking into it.

Fathers Day. I feel something instead of the ugh lame holidays. I feel like yeah being a dad is a damn cool thing and I’m like yes I want to be a good dad who gives a damn and is present and chill and involved. Though the baby does seem to prefer mom. Strongly. But maybe this is the inevitable voice of nature.

Haven’t had breakfast yet. Except coffee. It’s not pleasant to work manual labor with a full stomach. Lunch, easing in. Peanuts and carbonated water and organic Cheerios. And then apple pie and then sweet potatoes and then eggs and then bread and then mmmm I don’t know. Watch the rain fall.