Family first

New day. Rough start. Smooth finish.

Found out the open water swim on Saturday disqualifies swimmers with wetsuits from the podium. So I tried just Speedo. Cold Lake Harriet. Ran out shivering after 20 minutes. Continued running, since the swim didn’t work out and I was there already. 3 miles easy. Testing the knee. Didn’t bring shoes so ran in Crocs. Slipped and fell.

Oh well. The cost of doing business.

I mean it’s karma again.

I let the dog out last night without a leash. Just said potty then bed. He just ran. I found him later and wasn’t thrilled. I’m stiff brained and mean around bedtime. Which is something I need to chill out with. Easy Ry. At all hours.

I think certain plant medicine might be a wonderful way to deescalate my tense violin strings. Slow down man. Slow down. Chill out man.

I played in the dirt street this morning and afternoon with an 11 year old and we set up a slack line from one tree to another. Across the street because the road is under construction but the crew is apparently done working.

I’m wearing the wetsuit on Saturday because I value being warm and comfortable and why not.

I legitimately don’t know what I want to do with my life in terms of single minded career passion.

Immigration attorney, college English teacher, writer, Thai Massage, yoga, EMT, fitness knowledge guru, sponsored endurance athlete.

I’m thinking about unplugging entirely during the month of August and then writing about it with pen and paper. Why August? Because it’s not now. Why unplug? Because addiction poison breathe.

I don’t know so many basic things about being an adult but I know I’m going to tattoo family first on my bicep because it’s absolutely true not in a bullshit preacher sense but that if you don’t put family first, if you put yourself first, then karma will hammer you into the wood board of the front porch whose pale purple paint is chipping.