Harriet 10k

Almost all the time I write sentences I think will make sense. Today I’m just going to write and if it makes sense, cool, and if not, well that’s fine too. Sometimes the words need to come out, and expulsion is primary, meaning and clarity take a back seat.

What is the cost of a large coffee from McDonalds?

You’re losing it man.

Jesus said in order to gain your life, you must lose it. What the fuck did he mean?

I should’ve had more to eat at breakfast. That sweet potato pie. Mmm god.

The Garmin watch keeps time.

I’m rambling. I’m reaching for something. This is all superficial throat clearing.

It’s the clouds. Maybe. Cause of head fog. Every writer you read, every singer you hear, you gotta ask yourself, what’s motivating you?

Kate says I have a nagging habit of seeing the negative first. Which is an astute observation and I need to work on this.

These clouds, man. The thick mucus days. This is what makes strong humans. Can you deal with the after drop? The down slope on the sine curve?

Yes I eat meat.

When Dorothy said there is no place like home what she meant was what Jean Jacques Rousseau meant when he said American say freedom but everywhere are in chains.

My friend Brian said no, it’s not all that perverse to work a 9-5. It purchases community and social validation and the necessary cash required to buy house and goodies.

The beautiful writers make you want to put a fork even in the gloomiest plate of ugliness and eat. Like the girl with the pearl earring. What trauma is she hiding?

The latest lady on Joe Rogan says we’re a culture obsessed with buzzwords.

The baby. Mouse.

The grandparents watched the baby. Mouse and I ran a 10k. The weather said rain but it didn’t rain. There were clouds and wind. But no rain.

Charles Dickens said it was the best of times, it was the worst of times. What a statement.

This seems negative. Stop second guessing. Stop writing to be read and just write. But the ego is always there, man.

You swam one lap. Can you swim two?