Let it gaaaaaa

Notes to self:

Bottom line as a father and husband and man at age 31. Be better. Be family first. Don’t pout. Don’t whine and mope when you don’t get your way.

My mom told me much of this over and over and over again.

I’m sorry. I say.

Sorry does get old but I’m rewriting reworking re-wiring my neural circuitry.

Be chill and relaxed and easy going and go with the flow and stop being so damn controlling. About money. About buying shelves and end tables and dressers and clothes. All of it. Just let go big boy.

I told Kate if she says I’m being controlling again I’ll 100% reverse course and change my tune no matter what I’m right story my mind is screaming. No more self rationalizing.

The game is on and its language isn’t right or wrong, it’s let go.

This may not make any sense because I’m trying to avoid the hell details because I’m tired and we’re on our way to bed and I need to participate in PM routine.

Be well.