Self help

Got to the lake swim early. Is it a race? Or a swim? I only have one gear. Couldn’t sleep last night. Worries I’d forget to put dish soap on my goggles. Keep them fogless.

My side of the family got together yesterday. I really do wish my sisters lived closer. The community is like beef roast after 10 hours in a Crock pot. It really sticks to you. Sinks you down in your chair.

I told Kate I don’t want to be right or wrong or okay that battle or have to logic argue like I’ve been doing my whole life. I just want to roll and be easy and flow. It will take me some time to adjust and retune my strings. But all things are possible for those who believe?

Question: hypothetically, is using plant medicine like MJ to cool off really any different than taking a magnesium CALM supplement or rubbing your temples with lavender or taking doctor prescribed chill pills?

I mean who is keeping score and judging? It’s like this bullshit anvil weight of moral purity that we me suburban raised white former Christian kids put on ourselves like a damn cross. The weight of guilt.

Been listening to Drake God’s Plan because my 11 year old nephew is obsessed.

Going to visit the Porta Poddy and then keeping sipping the caffeine coffee concoction from the orange mug and we’ll see how the one mile and two mile swims go.

I hope my uncle Mike who is in the hospital gets a heaping plateful or karmic strength and gets the hell out of there today.

All good things float free. Let it go Ry and swim. Self talk is always awkward coming out but it’s honest. Or as honest as journaling publicly can be.