Rise and fall

Today better.

Starts with the swim I guess. I fight the bedsheets up at alarm arg but it’s worth it. Coffee cures lack of sleep.

Swam fast. 51:40 for one lap. Out of anger. Lake swallows stress. Pushes out whoooo. Kind of alchemy.

Regarding last nights trip to Alina urgent care for Ellie Roo high fever. I’m going to observe and criticize. Part of my skill set. Approximately 715. The baby had a high fever of 103, fussy and maybe teething. Ladies at the front desk gave me forms to fill, I filled, then the read me a synopsis of more forms and had me sign sign sign initial this electronic pad for consent. Their job should be robots. Signatures mean nothing now in terms of informed consent. Is it really consent or coercion? If you don’t sign, no service. Plus it’s URGENT care. You don’t have time to read and listen and think because you’re tired and you’re in an argument with your marital partner and your baby is screaming and I don’t know what’s wrong with baby and I just want to see a doctor and so they say initial initial initial and then date and date again. Those stupid fucking forms.

But anyway.

Baby got ibuprofen. Fever went down. Hand foot and mouth is going around, doc said. Just a virus, she said. It’ll clear in a few days.

Banana muffins in oven. Sheets in wash. Cashew ice cream batch two in freezer.

Good vibes come after bad vibes.