His chia kink neck

Sick sniffling coughing not sleeping, you begin to wonder what you’re doing wrong in life. Am I stressed? Training to hard? Or is it just the random odds of virus contact?

Over a year now. Tapping my foot on The Alt Dad bass drum. Even though I had beet hash and eggs and pear pie for breakfast, I’m still hungry. Same with The Alt Dad Diary. I write because I’m still hungry. Still itching to be heard and read and see and validated and applauded.

Sauerkraut ferments on counter. Side by side with chia sourdough. I have a kink in my neck. Bed sheets are still thumb tacked to the wall in four places around the window. Until we get curtains, we said.

I’m less anxious about people and the baby. Much less. I’m like ya sure take the baby. Just like they said I would be with child 2 and 3.

The lesson is: your emotions might be fine, given the context.

Or they might not be. But I feel like only you can tell.

Baby is napping on my shoulder for a damn long time this morning so I YouTube scrolled: Western States 100 mile Ultramarathon, qigong warm up, and then I closed my eyes too.