City of Trails half

I guess the reason for semi-exact chronicle is…I don’t know. My writing mentor says it’s graphomania. An obsession with writing. A pronounced inability to resist. . .

What’s the reason for training training training for a 1/2 marathon? Marking the calendar with sprint workouts, tempo runs, off days, long runs? Preparing weeks in advance. Waking up early. All that.

The guy in the book I’m reading says you are where you are right now because where you are has a lesson to teach you. I think that’s true. With both graphomania and run run mania.

4:45AM Up. Coffee. Bananas. Peanut butter.

5:30AM Drive. Grey sky.

6:30AM Pee. Four pins in race number. Dry fit shirt.

I don’t warm up. Just qi gong. Whiz. Walk. Slap knees. Massage hammies. No warm up because enough miles on the course.

Roll ankles in circle one way. Then the other. Hip circles. Head circles. Google Cal Poly hip flow.

7:30AM Start. Fast. Flat. Pavement. Then trails. Not flat. Not pavement.

The half marathon on trails is suffering. Stay with #2. Stay with #2. Stay with #2. If you can stay with #2 you can beat #2. Keep going.

Just ten more minutes. At ten more minutes, you’ll only have an hour left. You can do anything for an hour. Just stay on his heels. Just don’t move an inch of his heels.

30 minutes left. That’s nothing. Anyone can run for 30 minutes. And so on. Hips fatigue. Sponge turns to lead.

10:30AM Watermelon slices. Water. Walk back to car. Kate says she’s puked. I say I got lost on the course.

12:00AM Coconut water. Kombucha. WholeMe clusters. Organic almonds. Organic cashews. Organic sprouted cereal. 86 dollars. We drank the coconut water together at a little table and talked about maybe applying to work there. At Whole Foods I mean. We’ve both worked the before.

1PM Epsom salt bath.

3PM Organic ground beef. Over easy egg. Avocado. Chicken sausages. Mixed green flatbread.

3:53PM Now.

Head hurts. Eyes hurt. Hips hurt. And yet mmm feels damn good.

Sipping reheated coffee.

Reading book. The Man Who Quit Money.

Rain falls. Sky looks like clearing. Sun pushing not poking through. Weather app says no clearing.

Stay still. Sip coffee. Watch the baby crawl back and forth. In 25 minutes get up and feed the dog. And cat. Cat first.